Indian Recipe: Paneer Bhurji

Just a really quick post for today. Should’ve posted this last week. Was too busy manga-ing and anime-ing so I sorta forgot. 

This is an Indian recipe that I found on YT. If you guys didn’t know, I really love veggies, and this recipe has various veggies in it. 

If you watched the video, you would know that Paneer Bhurji is actually scrambled cottage cheese with various veggies.

List of ingredients:

-cooking oil

-cumin seeds


-chicken curry paste


-chili powder


-green peas

-green chili


-paneer (cottage cheese) [btw, she said you could also use tofu instead]

-ginger, black pepper, cardamom and garlic (mashed with mortar & pestle)

Cook according to the order of ingredients just like you would a scrambled egg. 

I would give this a try soon. I am planning on actually studying how to cook once the new stove (my parents bought a new one today!) arrives. 

Happy cooking!

Andy-chan :3

© 2012  *  Credits to Mrs. Veena Nair of * Visit her website for more Indian recipes * She’s a really great cook and her English is easy to understand * Hooray! 


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