Valentine’s Day in Japan

Happy hearts day!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is a little bit corny. We see a lot of people on dates more than usual. Guys give girls flowers, chocolates, jewelry or bears. It’s very usual. This is why I envy how Japanese people celebrate this day of love. 

In Japan where everything is cute, you will find that celebrating Valentine’s Day is very cute too. During this day, only girls will be doing something. Usually, they will give homemade chocolates to the guys they like, in the hope that on White Day (which is one month after Valentine’s or March 14), the guy they gave out their chocolate to will give them one back. How cute is that?

There are two types of chocolates given out during Valentine’s though. There’s an obligation chocolate (Giri-choko). This type of chocolate is given to bosses, mentors, colleagues, and male friends. Homemade chocolate (honmei-choko) is a lot more special because it is the one you would be giving to the person you like. You can make some sort of pastry (usually a small cake) out of the chocolate, and wrap it Japanese style (which is, like a boss). 

If you do this in the Philippines, it’s like BLEH. The guy you like might not even get the point of why you are giving them chocolates, unless it’s really obvious that you are doing so because you like them. *sigh* How I wish I can give my homemade chocolate to a Japanese guy. kekekeke

Anyways, I don’t really like anyone right now, so I guess I wouldn’t even know who to give my honmei-choko to. Hope you guys are enjoying this day though!

Andy-chan :3

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