Aing~♥Today is White Day♥

Previously, I wrote about how Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day. I wrote about how they do it two times a year – one during February 14th, and one a month after, which is March 14th. You can see that post here

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Today is what you call White Day.

White Day is celebrated every March 14, which is basically like a Part 2 of Valentine’s Day. During the 14th, girls would make chocolate for guys they like and guys they are acquainted with. For guys they work or are acquainted with, the chocolate is called giri-choko or Obligation Chocolate. For guys they like, it is called honmei-choko or Homemade Chocolate because homemade chocolates are thought of as an expression of liking someone. 

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During White Day, things go reverse. Guys give giri-choko to women they work or are acquainted with, while they give honmei choko to girls they like. 

During the earlier periods of White day, only chocolate could be given. These days, however, men can also give jewelry, cookies, marshmallows, and even lingerie to women. Korea, China and Taiwan also celebrate White Day. Korea also celebrates a Black Day, but I’ll explain that when the day comes. Hint: It’s suited especially for me.

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s or White Day. I’m not popular so I don’t get chocolates, and I certainly do not have someone I like as of the moment. Shimatta~ I might be forever alone. >__<

That’s it for this post. Sad to say, Episode 10 of Otaku Girl is delayed again *sigh*. Please wait for it.

Andy-chan :3

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