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Hey guys. I haven’t been posting Otaku Girl for a while. It’s supposed to be Episode 13 today, and I haven’t even posted the past episodes yet. As this is the case, I would be postponing posting the episodes for now, and would be reviewing the stuff that I finish when I finish them, or when I feel I have known them for so long.

The reason for me doing this is because I have been handling at least two writing jobs (take note: AT LEAST two) a day, and it’s really difficult to find time to write since I am already attacked by many writing materials. I do feel bad about this, because I have been finishing a lot of stuff lately and I can’t wait to share them each episode. Even now with a busy job, I can still find some spare time in between articles to read or watch, just to give my mind a bit of a break before I go back to searching for the right words. So, until further notice, the episode sequence is suspended. Once the semester starts though, I think I can go back to writing the episodes and I would just list down all the items per episode in the Otaku tab, with all the links you need to get to my reviews.

Sorry to all the followers of I Eat Spicy Noodles who had been anticipating all my reviews and fangirling moments. Please continue to support this blog and my love for anime.


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