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I’m back! Hooray!

Sorry I was gone for a long time. I think my readers missed the episodes the most (according to the feedback that I got).

Anyways, here are the rule changes for Project 52: Otaku Girl.

*It obviously cannot be a Project 52 anymore. So from now on, we call it Otaku Girl episodes. I have ten episodes as of this moment. Check the Otaku page tab for more details.

1. I will blog only when I finish something. For instance if I finished a drama, I will blog about it, regardless of whether I finished an anime or manga. Same rules apply to manga and anime.

2. Rule #1 applies to this year and the following. This means Otaku Girl episodes will never end!

That’s about it. I will also post reviews for Asian movies I watched this summer. There were quite a lot, so I hope I still remember them. Anyways, ja ne!

Like my new signature? Please check out I post stuff like anime snapshots in there. Cuteness!

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