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By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 7)


Tomoe meets Kurama (although he met him last episode disguised as Nanami) at school. They argue (as expected). The girl with pink hair (Nekota-san) wants to thank Kurama san. Nanami wants to try her powers as a deity and so she tries to get them to talk.


A freshman asks Nanami to give her time with Tomoe. Nanami agrees but then she later realizes her real feelings for Tomoe. Kurama talks to Tomoe about choosing his words properly towards Nanami because it would confuse her.

As suggested to her, Nanami tries to go out on a date with Tomoe after school. Before Nanami can even confess, Tomoe brushes her off. Nanami confesses her feelings and the idiot Tomoe brings her to the edge of the rooftop. The idiot Tomoe lets go of her for a moment and Nanami falls. Nanami forces Tomoe to not touch her (and save her) but Tomoe still manages to save Nanami.


I get the feeling Kurama really likes Nanami. A lot of guys sure like Nanami. Lucky desu ne? But then the cute girl (loli :3) with the pink hair seems to like Kurama too. I think she’s cute!

Mou, Tomoe-kun  you idiot! How could you walk off the edge of the rooftop? Humans do not fly you know! I actually cried when Nanami confessed because Tomoe did not reciprocate her feelings. Ah, I want to know what’s going to happen next episode!

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Andy :3

P.S. Oh, my fujoshi fantasies!!!!~


By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 6)


Nanami goes sick and confused over her feelings for Tomoe. Because she is sick, Tomoe decides to disguise himself as Nanami so he could go to school. There, Kurama tries to impress the disguised Tomoe, thinking that he is Nanami. Tomoe also discovers that the miasma is going thicker in the school and tries to dispel any demons.


Meanwhile, Mizuki goes to the temple to help out the sick Nanami. Using a soul transporter, Mizuki transports Nanami to Tomoe’s past, showing a brief side of him as a wild fox.


I really like this episode. For some reason, it provided a lot of questions about Tomoe. The earlier part where Tomoe disguises himself is really funny, but the part where Nanami’s soul was transported really sparked interest. The “Yukiji” person was mentioned again. Who is she? And who is the Bloodthirsty King? Is Tomoe his servant?

I also feel that there might be improvement in the love story soon. I feel as if Nanami would be confessing her feelings in the next episodes.

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Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 5)

Thunder Deity Narukami learns of the new Earth Deity appointment. Wanting a familiar like Tomoe, she visits Nanami at school and steals her symbol. Besides that, she also transformed Tomoe to a kid.


Tomoe runs a fever because his small body cannot contain his power. Nanami asks help from Kurama. A faint flashback was seen of a “Yukiji” woman giving Tomoe a sticky rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Tomoe becomes irritated and pushes Nanami away so she can live a normal school girl life. Tomoe leaves to go to Narukami but the he hid himself from her. When Tomoe leaves, a blue butterfly lays on Nanami (I think it’s Mikage). Unable to stop worrying, Nanami goes back to the shrine where she forms a deal with Narukami. Whoever finds Tomoe would be the Master. Nanami finds Tomoe in Mikage’s pocket mirror. When Tomoe transforms back to his original form, he has long hair! And he forms a new contract with Nanami through a kiss.


Kyaaaa! The chibi Tomoe is so cute! When is he going to get small again? I truly enjoyed this episode. I saw a different side of Tomoe and a more human side at that too!

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Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 4)


While cleaning the school with her classmates, Nanami saves a white snake from being bullied. Nanami is marked by the snake who is actually a familiar. The mark was that of engagement!


Tomoe comes with Nanami to school. Tomoe accidentally slept and allowed Nanami to be kidnapped by the snake familiar, Suenagaku Mizuki. Nanami tries to escape, but is tied in the dimension. As Nanami becomes frustrated, Tomoe appears to save her.


One question: how the hell did Nanami touch the snake without being afraid of it? And snakes are supposed to look scary, so why is the snake freaking cute?

Although the episode is really good, and the episode introduced a really cute character (Mizuki), the outcome was kind of expected. Of course, Tomoe would go ballistic when Nanami was kidnapped!

I am now convinced that Tomoe is an S. Even so, Tomoe is actually pretty sensitive to Nanami’s needs. Weeee~

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Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Haijimemashita (Episode 3)


Nanami continues to learn how to be a deity. She receives a message that the Priestess of the Lake wants to meet her. At first, Tomoe receives them and asks Nanami to not show herself, but when the Priestess’ familiar becomes violent, she suddenly shows herself. She learns that she can make Tomoe obedient to her orders through her words.


Surprisingly, the Priestess speaks and asks the help of Nanami for a love story to form. Although it is an impossible request since the Priestess asks to be tied to a human, Nanami accepts the request.

Tomoe and Nanami looks for the Priestess’ love, Urashima Koutarou and reunites her with him. They even help when the Priestess is being bullied by guys.


This episode is interesting, but I still like episode 2 better. There are things that have been discovered in the episode though like the fact that Nanami’s words affect Tomoe the most. I like the fact that Nanami’s clothing also changed a lot in this episode. She’s so stylish! The funny scenes were also cute. I am beginning to wonder whether Tomoe is an S character. He seems liking tormenting people. I think I like him. Weee~

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Andy :3

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