2012 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards): Thoughts

Hi guys! Besides watching Sword Art Online the whole day yesterday, I also watched the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Although  I liked last year’s MAMA better, I don’t think this year was disappointing.


I’ll go over the disappointing points first.

All winners were present. None of the nominees who did not win where there. Although I try to understand their feelings, I think it is already an honor to be nominated. After all, this is MAMA we’re taking about.

The camera shots were also a bit.. um, biased? If you guys have been following MAMA, you would know that SM Entertainment had a conflict and boycotted the show before right? Well, it seems that the dispute has been settled since many of the SM Entertainment artists were present and in my opinion, they were getting a considerably unfair amount of screen time. In all performances and even the reading of winner, I see nothing but Super Junior. Now, I like SJ (like a lot) but it’s quite unfair to not see the other idols as often. And again, the camera becomes biased because when Big Bang started sitting with the idols, the cameras were all on them. (Just to make it clear: Big Bang is my favorite KPOP group and I even still, I was disappointed with the screen time thingy). This is the professional world, for KPOP’s sake!

That’s about the only disappointing thing for me.


Anyways, onto the highlights of the show. You may get a full award winners list from the official MAMA website here.

The biggest highlight of course is the daesang (Big Three) winners. I was so happy to see Big Bang as the Artist of the Year! I was quite shocked that Super Junior got Album of the Year because I really felt that their past albums were a whole lot better. Maybe because Heechul’s mostly not in it? (he’s my bias in SJ). Anyways, even without Siwon, I enjoyed their SPY performance. That song is kinda fun.

It was to nobody’s surprise that PSY won Song of the Year. Everyone’s like singing his song. I’m so happy for him. He’s a REAL entertainer. He appeals to anyone, no matter what age or race. It’s also no surprise that Troublemaker won Best collaboration. Hyunseung is sexy, baby.


The biggest surprise to me was Sistar winning Best Female Group. I was certain 2NE1 would win, but they beat them to it. I am very glad about this although I really like 2NE1 a lot. I think Sistar is underrated and their music is so soulful. I think after MAMA people would not as much underestimate them.

Best vocal for male was given to K.Will. Ah, so happy about this! I’m currently addicted to his “Please Don’t” although it’s been released like months ago! Best vocal for female was given to Davichi. Hands down. Davichi has the best vocal combination in KPOP.


There were also other Asian winners. AKB48 won for Japan. Sarah Geronimo won for the Philippines. (Dunno about the others since I only recognize these two).

There were a lot of beautiful and handsome award presenters too. The biggest surprise for me was the appearance of Jackie Chan to present Artist of the Year. My favorites of the night at Han Ga In, Song Joong Ki, Han Chae Young, and Han Ye Seul





Adam Lambert and B.o.B. also came to perform.

Anyways, it’s really late (it’s morning actually) so I gotta catch some zzzsss. You guys should probably do that too. Will catch you guys later for more anime and KPOP updates.

Andy :3

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