By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 2)


Nanami learns more of the Earth Deity’s duties under Tomoe’s assistance. Tomoe is still pissed off about being forced to be her familiar, but he accepts the job.

Nanami wants to go back to school after hearing the Kurama Shinjirou, a big idol, is coming to school. At first Tomoe does not allow her, explaining that demons are after her Earth Deity seal, but allows her under the condition that she wears an embarrassing hat in order to protect her seal. After learning that Kurama is a bullying jerk, Tomoe bullies her even more. Kurama tries to frame her for stealing his 30,000 yen, Tomoe comes with a lunch feast, saving her.


Kurama is revealed as a Crow Goblin who wants Nanami’s seal and Tomoe transforms him into an ostrich and almost kills him. Nanami saves Kurama and Kurama sorts of likes Nanami although nothing has been said at all.


Gawd, I like this episode! It’s so heart-warming. Tomoe protecting Nanami, a dark idol actually a yokai, and Nanami’s kindness emanating through the episode. I am falling more in love with the graphics with each episode. The story is also progressing really well and there’s an air of mystery. Why did Mikage choose Nanami? Why did Mikage give up the seal? I am so looking forward to the next episode! See you guys in the next episode!

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Andy :3

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