By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 4)


While cleaning the school with her classmates, Nanami saves a white snake from being bullied. Nanami is marked by the snake who is actually a familiar. The mark was that of engagement!


Tomoe comes with Nanami to school. Tomoe accidentally slept and allowed Nanami to be kidnapped by the snake familiar, Suenagaku Mizuki. Nanami tries to escape, but is tied in the dimension. As Nanami becomes frustrated, Tomoe appears to save her.


One question: how the hell did Nanami touch the snake without being afraid of it? And snakes are supposed to look scary, so why is the snake freaking cute?

Although the episode is really good, and the episode introduced a really cute character (Mizuki), the outcome was kind of expected. Of course, Tomoe would go ballistic when Nanami was kidnapped!

I am now convinced that Tomoe is an S. Even so, Tomoe is actually pretty sensitive to Nanami’s needs. Weeee~

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Andy :3

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