By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 5)

Thunder Deity Narukami learns of the new Earth Deity appointment. Wanting a familiar like Tomoe, she visits Nanami at school and steals her symbol. Besides that, she also transformed Tomoe to a kid.


Tomoe runs a fever because his small body cannot contain his power. Nanami asks help from Kurama. A faint flashback was seen of a “Yukiji” woman giving Tomoe a sticky rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Tomoe becomes irritated and pushes Nanami away so she can live a normal school girl life. Tomoe leaves to go to Narukami but the he hid himself from her. When Tomoe leaves, a blue butterfly lays on Nanami (I think it’s Mikage). Unable to stop worrying, Nanami goes back to the shrine where she forms a deal with Narukami. Whoever finds Tomoe would be the Master. Nanami finds Tomoe in Mikage’s pocket mirror. When Tomoe transforms back to his original form, he has long hair! And he forms a new contract with Nanami through a kiss.


Kyaaaa! The chibi Tomoe is so cute! When is he going to get small again? I truly enjoyed this episode. I saw a different side of Tomoe and a more human side at that too!

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Andy :3

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