By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 6)


Nanami goes sick and confused over her feelings for Tomoe. Because she is sick, Tomoe decides to disguise himself as Nanami so he could go to school. There, Kurama tries to impress the disguised Tomoe, thinking that he is Nanami. Tomoe also discovers that the miasma is going thicker in the school and tries to dispel any demons.


Meanwhile, Mizuki goes to the temple to help out the sick Nanami. Using a soul transporter, Mizuki transports Nanami to Tomoe’s past, showing a brief side of him as a wild fox.


I really like this episode. For some reason, it provided a lot of questions about Tomoe. The earlier part where Tomoe disguises himself is really funny, but the part where Nanami’s soul was transported really sparked interest. The “Yukiji” person was mentioned again. Who is she? And who is the Bloodthirsty King? Is Tomoe his servant?

I also feel that there might be improvement in the love story soon. I feel as if Nanami would be confessing her feelings in the next episodes.

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Andy :3

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