By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 7)


Tomoe meets Kurama (although he met him last episode disguised as Nanami) at school. They argue (as expected). The girl with pink hair (Nekota-san) wants to thank Kurama san. Nanami wants to try her powers as a deity and so she tries to get them to talk.


A freshman asks Nanami to give her time with Tomoe. Nanami agrees but then she later realizes her real feelings for Tomoe. Kurama talks to Tomoe about choosing his words properly towards Nanami because it would confuse her.

As suggested to her, Nanami tries to go out on a date with Tomoe after school. Before Nanami can even confess, Tomoe brushes her off. Nanami confesses her feelings and the idiot Tomoe brings her to the edge of the rooftop. The idiot Tomoe lets go of her for a moment and Nanami falls. Nanami forces Tomoe to not touch her (and save her) but Tomoe still manages to save Nanami.


I get the feeling Kurama really likes Nanami. A lot of guys sure like Nanami. Lucky desu ne? But then the cute girl (loli :3) with the pink hair seems to like Kurama too. I think she’s cute!

Mou, Tomoe-kun  you idiot! How could you walk off the edge of the rooftop? Humans do not fly you know! I actually cried when Nanami confessed because Tomoe did not reciprocate her feelings. Ah, I want to know what’s going to happen next episode!

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

P.S. Oh, my fujoshi fantasies!!!!~


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