By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 8)


Nanami feels bad (gloomy, etc) for having been rejected. For some reason too, Tomoe would not touch her and Nanami thinks he is disgusted by her. To cheer her up, Nanami’s friends ask her to go to the beach.


Mizuki tags along the beach. For some reason, Tomoe cannot enter the water. It is later revealed that it is because he stole the eye of the King of the Dragons. Mizuki continues to annoy Tomoe by touching Nanami.

Mikage is seen with a homo[?] deity. The deity goes for a swim and causes a stir in the water. Nekota-san drowns and although Tomoe cannot go near the water, Nanami asks her to and she saves Nekota-san. The King of Dragons traps Tomoe in revenge and gives Nanami two days to retrieve his eye to give Tomoe back.

With Mizuki’s Route of Time, Nanami travels back to the past.


This episode is not done! I need to see episode 9 right away! I’m really looking forward to it! The story is really getting interesting! I wonder what will happen. Nanami already saw Tomoe’s past once and he was a vicious fox. What type of personality would she see this time? I honestly liked each second of this episode. I think it was well-thought of. OMG! Mizuki is the cutest!

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Andy :3

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