By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 9)


Mizuki and Nanami travel to the past to take the Dragon King’s Eye that Tomoe took. However, Nanami finds out that Tomoe stole it in order to feed it to the sick Yukiji. At this point, I think Yukiji is Tomoe’s girlfriend.

 They return to the present and Nanami looks for Isohime, a witch she met in the past who said she has a dragon king’s eye. Isohime bargains for thirty years of Nanami’s life, but she tries to cheat her. Mizuki, unable to watch, kisses Nanami and pledges to be her familiar.


They go to the dragon king after tormenting Isohime (actually it’s just Mizuki who tormented her) who took nothing from Nanami. They ride and meet the Dragon King’s wife (they didn’t know she was the wife) and Nanami becomes inspired of her unconditional love for husband. They save Tomoe then. And oh, Nanami confesses her love again.


OMG! Mizuki is an M! This is the best anime ever! An S and M character in one anime! I am so enamored by Nanami’s kindness although I think she’s an idiot. There are lots of LOLs in this episode and there are also a lot of serious moments. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episode, but so far, this is my favorite episode! Nanami and two familiars (S and M).

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

gyaaaa!!! Mizuki is an M!



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