By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 10)


The episode is divided into two parts. Part one tells of how Tomoe became Mikage’s familiar. When Yukiji died, Mikage saw a death shadow on Tomoe’s face one day when he was walking. He invited him to his home to be a familiar and trained him for many years. He hated humans then because they were weak.


Part two tells of how Nanami went to a goukon (group date; I dunno why it’s called a mixer here when literal translation means group date).  Tomoe, Mizuki and even Kurama follows her.


I like the second part of the episode over the first one. The first episode was kind of predictable as Mikage is a very nice deity so I expected him to take pity to Tomoe’s loss. I liked the second part because it showed that Tomoe might actually have feelings for Nanami too! Kyaaa! Also, the three guys (Tomoe, Kurama and Mizuki) went on a group gathering to spy on Nanami. Somehow, my fujoshi fantasies are becoming fulfilled. I like boy interaction!

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

kyaaaa! more boy interaction! Tomoe why are holding Mizuki’s hand?! >_____<


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