2 KPOP Songs I’m Loving This Week

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone a week. Our teachers think we have no holidays and so I had to work extra hard during the first week of January to make sure I get to submit my two major papers on time.

nervous lucy

Anyway, I’ve been so stressed out this week and the only consolation is there are two songs I am loving this week.

The first one is probably one of the most popular KPOP song this week. That’s right! It’s SNSD’s I Got a Boy.

Although the song is like 5 songs mashed-up, I really like the beat. The dance is also one of the main reasons I am drawn to this song. There’s a lot of hip thrusting and hip swaying here and there. The fashion is also something I dig a lot.

I’ve seen these style before in f(x) and Hyuna, along with a lot of other KPOP artists, but SNSD managed to pull if off really well. I’m not really a SONE, but I generally like the members of SNSD. For this video, my favorite remains to be Yuri.


I do like Hyoyeon’s Rainbow dip-dye hair and Sunny’s Pink&Orange combo hair. It’s a dream for me to get pink hair.



The second song I am loving this week is Kim Sori’s Dual Life. I have never been to a club before, but I imagine wanting to dance to this. It’s such a really fun dance, and Kim Sori is just so pretty! I think the song is quite underrated!

I am currently into more dance-y songs these days. It just makes my life a lot more exciting I think.

See you guys in the next post!

Andy :3

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