By Episode: Danganronpa Ep 2

Plot Summary: In Hope’s Peak Academy, 15 students who are considered “super” in their own ways are admitted. Monokuma, an electronic bear, appears in the gym offering a way out of the tightly-secured school. However, the rules are to kill and find out who the killer is or stay in the academy forever.

Episode 2. Kill or Live: (Not) Normal Arc


Monokuma explains the rules of the rooms to Makoto. Makoto’s bathroom door has a bad door handle that only opens when you lift it properly.

Sayaka exchanges rooms with Makoto, explaining that it would help calm her down. The next morning, she is found dead in Makoto’s bathroom with a kitchen knife in her abdomen.


The Monokuma gathers the students to gym, explaining that a class trial will be held after a few hours. In the class trial, if the culprit is found, he/she will die. If the class convicts the wrong person, everybody else but the culprit dies. Enoshima Junko protests and is killed by Monokuma with spears.


They look for pieces of clues. Makoto watches Sayaka’s motivation DVD with all her idol members being murdered.

Thoughts: Holy mother of God! I did not expect Sayaka to die! That model Enoshima too! I am starting to like this anime more and more.

That Monokuma is starting to look like the stuffed animals in Kampfer.

Student Count: 13

Andy :)

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  1. Episode 2 really threw me for a loop. Two girls dying right off the bat like that……not a fun time for me. Definitely quite the engaging watch though and it sets up the first case pretty well.

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