By Episode: Danganronpa Ep 4

Plot Summary: In Hope’s Peak Academy, 15 students who are considered “super” in their own ways are admitted. Monokuma, an electronic bear, appears in the gym offering a way out of the tightly-secured school. However, the rules are to kill and find out who the killer is or stay in the academy forever.

Episode 4: Weekly Shounen Despair Magazine: (Not) Normal Arc


Monokuma opens the second floor to the students. There they see a library and swimming pool. There are gender-specific changing room that can only be accessed with the ElectroIDs.

“Normal” things happened. Fukawa Touko is revealed to have a crush on Togami Byakuya. Naegi witnesses a sauna battle between Oowada Mondo and Ishimaru Kiyotaka who becomes the best pals the following morning.

Monokuma got bored so to motivate another killing, he gave them a time limit, after which he would reveal an embarrassing incident in their lives if he doesn’t have a murder.


The following morning, Fujisaki Chihiro is found crucified in the girl’s changing room. The words “Bloodbath Fever” are seen in the wall.

They investigate. For some weird reason, the posters are unmatched and a coffee stain from the carpet disappears.

Togami tells Naegi that he believes this to be the work of Genocider Sho, a famous murderer who crucifies victims and writes Bloobath Fever in the crime scene.


Thoughts: I think this anime gives way too much information. I knew something was going to happen in the changing rooms. I get the part that the changing rooms were exchanged since the posters are unmatched and the coffee stain was gone. The anime was good in concealing the murderer from me this time though.

Student Count: 12

Any suspects? I have mine~

Andy :)

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  1. The killer in this case is definitely quite a bit more difficult than the last, and I know I hadn’t figured it out beforehand. It’s quite a sad thing to see Chihiro dead though, this entire case is sad to be honest.

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