By Episode: Danganronpa Ep 5

Plot Summary: In Hope’s Peak Academy, 15 students who are considered “super” in their own ways are admitted. Monokuma, an electronic bear, appears in the gym offering a way out of the tightly-secured school. However, the rules are to kill and find out who the killer is or stay in the academy forever.

Episode 5. Weekly Shounen Despair Magazine: Not Normal Arc


The class trial begins. Togami points Fukawa Touko as the killer because he knows she is Genocider Sho. Touko has multiple personality disorder. Touko sleeps and Genocider Sho arises. She confesses she is not the killer because the techniques in killing were not the same. She uses scissors to crucify her victims, and Fujisaki was tied to railings using a power cord. She also revealed that she only kills men.


Naegi deduces that Togami must be the killer since he is the only one familiar with how Genocider Sho kills people. Togami admits that he modified the scene to make things interesting but is not the killer. Kirigiri admits that Fujisaki in fact is a boy.


Mondo accidentally slips that Fujisaki’s jersey is blue, which should only be revealed to Celestia since she is the only one who saw Fujisaki the night before he died.

Mondo was envious of Fujisaki who revealed his secret to him, in the hopes of becoming stronger. In order to protect Fujisaki’s secret, he brings his corpse to the girl’s changing room. He is sentenced to death by ultra-speed motorcycle.

At the end of the episode, Monokuma is seen talking about a sixteenth student.


Thoughts: I forgot how this is the anime world, and it is full of traps. I did not expect the killer to be Mondo though. I kind of like his idiotic combination with Kiyotaka.

Student Count: 11

I did not figure out the answer to the murder this time. Maybe I will get lucky the third arc?

Andy :)

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  1. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed Oowada for this one, could’ve been anyone without the proper knowledge. It was a sad case though, lots of depressing feels with Ishimaru and Oowada. Tragic stuff, yet that happens to be why this one is my favorite case of the series.

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