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By Episode: Danganronpa Ep 5

Plot Summary: In Hope’s Peak Academy, 15 students who are considered “super” in their own ways are admitted. Monokuma, an electronic bear, appears in the gym offering a way out of the tightly-secured school. However, the rules are to kill and find out who the killer is or stay in the academy forever.

Episode 5. Weekly Shounen Despair Magazine: Not Normal Arc


The class trial begins. Togami points Fukawa Touko as the killer because he knows she is Genocider Sho. Touko has multiple personality disorder. Touko sleeps and Genocider Sho arises. She confesses she is not the killer because the techniques in killing were not the same. She uses scissors to crucify her victims, and Fujisaki was tied to railings using a power cord. She also revealed that she only kills men.


Naegi deduces that Togami must be the killer since he is the only one familiar with how Genocider Sho kills people. Togami admits that he modified the scene to make things interesting but is not the killer. Kirigiri admits that Fujisaki in fact is a boy.


Mondo accidentally slips that Fujisaki’s jersey is blue, which should only be revealed to Celestia since she is the only one who saw Fujisaki the night before he died.

Mondo was envious of Fujisaki who revealed his secret to him, in the hopes of becoming stronger. In order to protect Fujisaki’s secret, he brings his corpse to the girl’s changing room. He is sentenced to death by ultra-speed motorcycle.

At the end of the episode, Monokuma is seen talking about a sixteenth student.


Thoughts: I forgot how this is the anime world, and it is full of traps. I did not expect the killer to be Mondo though. I kind of like his idiotic combination with Kiyotaka.

Student Count: 11

I did not figure out the answer to the murder this time. Maybe I will get lucky the third arc?

Andy :)

Andy’s List: Top 10 Glasses Character (Good Boys)

Time and again, characters with redeeming qualities or especially different physical characteristics make them stand out the most. In Andy’s list, you will see my ranking of these characters.

For the first Andy’s list feature, we have the megane (glasses) characters! Characters with glasses always attracted me a lot. Maybe it’s because I do wear glasses myself. Good-looking guys who wear glasses are extremely attractive to me especially since people with glasses in the anime world are typically stereotyped as nerds. I like geeks and nerds. I know, I’m weird.


Without further ado, here’s my top ten favorite megane character in the world of anime. Please take note that megane characters do not only have clear eyeglasses, but I included the ones with tints in here as well.


Aburame Shino of Naruto

Aburame Shino from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen in my life. Besides his mysteriously hot side, he is known for his ability to control bugs of all sorts. While I do think he’s hot enough to make this list, I think his ability to be a house for these bugs is disturbingly gross.


Uryuu Ishida of Bleach

I don’t want to be mainstream here, but hey, Ishida is one of the hottest megane characters I have ever seen in my life. He’s extremely skilled with his weapon, and he looks a lot like Sebastian Michelis of Kuroshitsuji. What I like him is the way he plays all cool and stuff, but he’s a softie inside. Sometimes he acts like a complete idiot though.


Sadaharu Inui of Prince of Tennis

Sadaharu Inui is a stereotypical megane character with a disturbing twist. He is a geek, true, and he plays tennis through a thorough analysis of the opponent’s data. He is however, a masochist trainer though and he punishes members of the Tennis Club with a strong weird juice that will send you to your death (okay, maybe not, but it’s close). He is extremely caring of his juniors and his chibi version is just adorable.


Loki of Fairy Tail

I like the celestial spirit Loki over the Fairy Tail member Loki. For some reason, the latter just seems so plain and boring and he never attracted my attention before, but when Loki the Lion appeared for the very first time, he just seemed so.. spirit-like (so to speak). His hair is a whole lot bigger (bigger is better?) and his eyeglasses have a new shape. I often draw his chibi form on scraps of paper. It’s just so cute.


Heiwajima Shizuo of Durarara!

Shizu-chan as Izaya calls him, Heiwajima Shizuo is the most violent man in Ikeburo. It’s his past that makes you want to hug him so tight! From his blonde hair, to those sexy bartender outfit and the purple-tinted glasses, Shizuo is just once cool dude. His complex of wanting to kill Izaya the second he sights him and his protective older brother status makes him even cooler.


Mido Ban of Get Backers!

Mido Ban is the other half of the Get Backers team. I like him better than Ginji (although Ginji is extremely kawaii) simply because he has a feel similar to that of Shizuo. Also, his evil eyes have a power I wish to have – controlling people’s nightmares. I’d imagine using it on all the bad guys!


Edogawa Conan of Meitantei Conan

With over 600 episodes, the forever young award also goes to Conan. The extremely cunning detective with an eye for everything is one I also wish to be. I always wanted to have such amount of logic I could pass for a detective. And of course, Shinichi is really cute too. The only question is, how long has it been since he was a child? Is Ran already like 30 or so years old now?


Maes Hughes of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Maes Hughes makes it to my top three. He is an extremely funny character with a deep obsession towards his family and devotion to his friends. You might say he’s a bit too curious which led him to his end, but I like pristine and good characters.


Tsukishiro Yukito of Cardcaptor Sakura

Yukito is one of the first megane characters I have encountered during my childhood. I have seen Card Captor Sakura about 10 times and it’s always Yukito I watch out for. He’s extremely kind and nice (like me?), likes food a lot especially sweets (like me again) and he transforms into a cool white-haired angelic creature (ummm.. okay, so not like me now). His angelic smile just brightens up any dull gloomy day.


Ootori Kyouya from Ouran High School Host Club

Those long fingers.. that stare.. those eyeglassess.. that strong nose line.. I don’t know if you would see anything wrong with Kyouya. He’s obviously the most perfect character ever!

 Kyouya’s hotness doesn’t just spring from his looks. He is extremely intelligent and well-organized (I like this in a guy ♥), a total controller of situations (so when things don’t go his way, he looks really insanely cute), a caring friend, sort of a sadist (yay!), extremely sly and cunning, he’s tall (hooray again! i’m super tall too), incredibly rich (owning private police, hospitals, among other corporations), and so many other perfect things! There’s no way in hell a guy like this exists in the real world.

Cool and all, Kyouya still has a cute side to him too. He says everything he does is for his benefit, but he puts his best foot forward to help someone in need.

Did your favorite character make it to this list? If not, please leave a comment on who you think should be on this list and I will try my best to fangirl over him as well. More lists to come in the future!

Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 5)

Thunder Deity Narukami learns of the new Earth Deity appointment. Wanting a familiar like Tomoe, she visits Nanami at school and steals her symbol. Besides that, she also transformed Tomoe to a kid.


Tomoe runs a fever because his small body cannot contain his power. Nanami asks help from Kurama. A faint flashback was seen of a “Yukiji” woman giving Tomoe a sticky rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Tomoe becomes irritated and pushes Nanami away so she can live a normal school girl life. Tomoe leaves to go to Narukami but the he hid himself from her. When Tomoe leaves, a blue butterfly lays on Nanami (I think it’s Mikage). Unable to stop worrying, Nanami goes back to the shrine where she forms a deal with Narukami. Whoever finds Tomoe would be the Master. Nanami finds Tomoe in Mikage’s pocket mirror. When Tomoe transforms back to his original form, he has long hair! And he forms a new contract with Nanami through a kiss.


Kyaaaa! The chibi Tomoe is so cute! When is he going to get small again? I truly enjoyed this episode. I saw a different side of Tomoe and a more human side at that too!

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 4)


While cleaning the school with her classmates, Nanami saves a white snake from being bullied. Nanami is marked by the snake who is actually a familiar. The mark was that of engagement!


Tomoe comes with Nanami to school. Tomoe accidentally slept and allowed Nanami to be kidnapped by the snake familiar, Suenagaku Mizuki. Nanami tries to escape, but is tied in the dimension. As Nanami becomes frustrated, Tomoe appears to save her.


One question: how the hell did Nanami touch the snake without being afraid of it? And snakes are supposed to look scary, so why is the snake freaking cute?

Although the episode is really good, and the episode introduced a really cute character (Mizuki), the outcome was kind of expected. Of course, Tomoe would go ballistic when Nanami was kidnapped!

I am now convinced that Tomoe is an S. Even so, Tomoe is actually pretty sensitive to Nanami’s needs. Weeee~

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 2)


Nanami learns more of the Earth Deity’s duties under Tomoe’s assistance. Tomoe is still pissed off about being forced to be her familiar, but he accepts the job.

Nanami wants to go back to school after hearing the Kurama Shinjirou, a big idol, is coming to school. At first Tomoe does not allow her, explaining that demons are after her Earth Deity seal, but allows her under the condition that she wears an embarrassing hat in order to protect her seal. After learning that Kurama is a bullying jerk, Tomoe bullies her even more. Kurama tries to frame her for stealing his 30,000 yen, Tomoe comes with a lunch feast, saving her.


Kurama is revealed as a Crow Goblin who wants Nanami’s seal and Tomoe transforms him into an ostrich and almost kills him. Nanami saves Kurama and Kurama sorts of likes Nanami although nothing has been said at all.


Gawd, I like this episode! It’s so heart-warming. Tomoe protecting Nanami, a dark idol actually a yokai, and Nanami’s kindness emanating through the episode. I am falling more in love with the graphics with each episode. The story is also progressing really well and there’s an air of mystery. Why did Mikage choose Nanami? Why did Mikage give up the seal? I am so looking forward to the next episode! See you guys in the next episode!

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

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