Currently Listening: Ai Otsuka’s Renai Shashin

So, this is a really, really, really old song, like 2005 old.

This is a live version because I cannot find a PV for this (or I’m just too lazy), but this version is better than the song itself. Ai Otsuka really is a great singer! She is one of my favorite JPOP singers. My favorite song of Ai is Sakuranbo and Planetarium (Hana Yori Dango OST).



aoao to shita yozora no shita de
anata ga miteta ushiro koi sugata

tokiori miseru mujaki na negao
atashi ga miteta koishii sugata

donna hitotoki mo subete
wasurenai you ni
muchuu de shattaa kiru atashi no kokoro wa
setsunai shiawase datta

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada sore dake de yokatta noni

ame furu toki no kawashi ta kisu wa
tsunagarete yuku futari no sugata

isshou ni mou nai kono kimochi
umaku ienai kedo
anata ni deatte atashi no mainichi wa
kirakira to kagayaita yo

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
anata ga kureta shiawase yo

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada sore dake de yokatta no ni

chiisana heya ni kazararete iru
futari no egao renai shashin


I knew the song way back in 2008, but I did not know she sang this for the movie Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. I recently watched the movie (review coming up), and I was bawling at the end. Real tear-jerker, man.

Going back to work! Shigoto! ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

Andy :3

2 KPOP Songs I’m Loving This Week: Dreamer & Jeon Won Diary

Although I have been rocking out to Orange Caramel’s Japanese Album all week (see mini-review here), I have been listening to other stuff too. This week, 2 particular songs stood out: History’s Dreamer and T-ara N4’s Jeon Won Diary.

There are a lot of KPOP releases this week. We have U-Kiss Sub-unit uBeat with Should Have Treated You Better, Secret with Yoohoo, 4Minute with What’s My Name, Hello Venus with Do You Want Some Tea, etc. I listened to all of these but did not particularly like them (sorry to fans).

I was really disappointed most especially with 4Minute because I have been waiting for a long time for them to release a better song. The last album was not so great to me, so I was hoping for something better. While the song was not particularly good, the video is like “What the hell is this?” It was so funny.

I also was disappointed with Secret and Hello Venus. Secret’s songs were always catchy to me, but I just did not feel great with Yoohoo. Hello Venus’ song was really bad considering the last two album title songs were really catchy and fun.

History is a new rookie group. I did not research about them much, but I totally love the song. This song reminds me of FUN’s songs or the ones they sing at GLEE. The blending of the voices is so amazing. Plus, Son Dambi is looking so hot in this video.

The 2nd song I was really addicted to this week was T-ARA N4’s Jeon Won Diary. This is a totally addictive song! I had it on repeat for hours and hours. It was so catchy and the video is totally awesome. The video is so funny. My favorite part is when MinKyung of Davichi makes an appearance at the talent show. It was so shocking because she’s always stiff and beautiful when she sings ballad. I did not know Minkyung had a funny side!

The other parts of the video were equally funny too. Hyomin fell in love with a wood chopper guy. Jiyeon gets the steps wrong all the time. She also stepped on Eunjung’s stomach. Ahreum tries modeling while carrying some farm goods. This vid is totally funny! The dance version, on the other hand, was cool.

That’s it for this week’s top KPOP songs! Let me know what you guys thought about the song releases this week in the comments section below! :3

Andy (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Currently Listening to: Orange Caramel’s Japanese Album

cover 1

Sorry I have been gone too long. I am currently under a major change in my life and I am freelancing, which means I have more jobs than usual.

Anyways, one of my jobs is to write articles for various websites. I have been really stressed out by too much writing that requires research. It’s a good thing I have music to keep stress away.

These days, I have been listening non-stop to Orange Caramel’s Japanese album. I rarely listen to Japanese albums produced by Koreans, but this album is just so much fun!

cover 2

Besides the Japanes version of their popular KPOP songs (Magic Girl, Aing, Shanghai Love, Bangkok City, Lipstick) there are a lot of other songs I like listening to. I particularly liked Lizzy’s solo すっぱい葡萄(Lizzyソロ曲) because it is so Japanese! If you guys are not familiar with Orange Caramel, you would not even know they’re Korean because the album is so Japanese!

I can’t explain it, but the Japanese music is definitely different in terms of sounds and the use of instruments. There also isn’t a lot of autotune, which is present in the Korean music.

Anyways, please enjoy this album and give it lots of love. It was released a long time ago (March) and I regret listening to it just now.

See you again next time.

Andy :3

PS. Download here.

Shooting Incident During the Otaku Expo 2013

The Otaku Expo 2013 was set to be a 2-day event at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 from January 26 to January 27, 2013. The said expo commenced as planned during the first day, but organizers have cancelled the second day of the expo due to a shooting incident earlier today. cites that the suspects of the shooting incident were robbers. The robbery took place in a small jewelry counter, and unlike most rumors, the robbers were not found to be in costume for the Otaku Expo. The robbery just happened to coincide with the said event.

The suspects used a hammer purchased from the mall to smash the jewelry counter to take the goods. Afterwards, shots were fired to caused mass panic. The suspects blended in with the crowd and so the security were not able to apprehend them. A lockdown was ordered to catch the robbers. However, authorities were not able to catch them. After an hour, the people were allowed to go free again.

Due to the event, people are wondering what security measures would be put up this time.


Andy’s Personal Note~

I was really fortunate to not have witnessed such an event. I attended the said expo with my family earlier today. We went to the mall as a family for my sister’s dental checkup, and also to canvass for a gadget we’ve been meaning to buy. I took the opportunity to visit the Expo. Although the shooting incident did not happen at the Expo itself, I can imagine how scared the people must have been due to the shooting noise and the lockdown. I hope the management would be able to catch the robbers. I’m really sorry to my fellow anime fans too if you guys are planning to go to the expo tomorrow. Let’s just hope all will be settled soon.

Andy :3

2 KPOP Songs I’m Loving This Week: Mine and I’m Sorry

I did not really listen to KPOP this week except today when  I found two amazing songs that doesn’t scream KPOP at all.

I’m not really a fan of all the bubblepop-themed aegyo girls all the time. I prefer listening to anime ad Jrock music because not only do they have decent and well-thought off lyrics (according to translation), but they also have nice sounds. Last week, I loved SNSD’s I Got a Boy. Not anymore. I’ve moved on and the song is kind of getting on my nerves when I hear it now.

Anyways, as I said this week I found two great treasures that do not sound anything like KPOP except that the songs are in Korean.

The first song is I’m Sorry by CN Blue.

The lyrics are great and I’m seeing a more rebellious side of CN Blue (OMG! Did Jongshin just slam those roses in her face? Kyaaaa~) What I totally love about this video is the song itself. It’s catchy in a band-ish type of way. CN Blue has said before that they’re not idols who sing and dance around, and I just love that! Their songs are always something to look forward too (FT Island too) since they get away from the mainstream KPOP productions.

The second song is Mine by Kim Jaejoong

I totally love everything about this song! The MV, the visuals, the heavy guitar, the hoarse voice – everything! When I first saw it, I was like OMG Visual Kei overload, my fangirl heart is beating too fast! I dunno, but Jaejoong seems to be highly influenced by Japanese music because this is so not KPOP. I listened well to the lyrics so I wouldn’t be mistaken that it’s in Korean. There’s a lot of heavy guitar and Hero’s voice reminds me of Visual Kei band Versailles. I will do a full review of this song this week. It has a lot of elements I wish to analyze!

That’s it for this week! What did you guys like this week?

Andy :3

P.S. I’m listening to Infinite H’s Special Girl now. I like it, but not enough to put it in this post.

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