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Asian Watcher: Sophie’s Revenge

Let’s watch!

If you have been following I Eat Spicy Noodles, you would know that for a Featured Asian edition, I featured the charming Zhang Ziyi (read post here). Today in Asian Watcher, I would be featuring one of her movies, Sophie’s Revenge. 

Sophie’s Revenge is a really cool movie. Zhang Ziyi is really cool, composed and serious in her Hollywood movies, so I think Sophie’s Revenge is a movie that shows how versatile of an actress she is.

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Movie Title: Sophie’s Revenge

Language: Mandarin

Actors: Zhang Ziyi (Sophie), So Ji Sub (Jeff), Peter Ho (Gordon), Fan Bing Bing (Anna)

Directed by: Eva Jin 

Year of release: 2009

I just love this movie. I am not fond of romantic Hollywood movies, but when it comes to Asian love stories, I could not help but watch. It might be because I am Asian as well, and I can very much relate to certain cultures in Asia.

Sophie’s Revenge, as the title would suggest, is about Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) wanting to take revenge. Her fiancé Jeff (So Ji Sub) dumped her before their wedding, and had a relationship with the actress Anna (Fan Bingbing). Sophie then tried to get revenge, and wanted to get Jeff back, so she analyzed the situation and came up with various plans to get him back. She ran across Jeff and Anna at a party, where she also met Gordon, who was supposed to have also been dumped by Anna. She persuades him to help her get revenge. In the process, Gordon falls in love with Sophie. 

During the last portions of the movie, it Gordon refuses to help Sophie because he wanted her to notice him instead. Jeff is persuaded and wanted Sophie back, and it makes Sophie confused because she may already have feelings for Gordon too. A shocking revelation happens – Anna is not actually Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, but his sister. Will Sophie have the happy ever after she wants? I suggest you watch.

I did not know that a Youtube member has all the cuts of the movies with English subtitles until today. Because I want to share them with you, I will be posting the links of the videos below. I hope you like them. 

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Catch you guys later!

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Asian Watcher: Days With You (Japanese)

I recently saw this commercial at the local Asian channel (Red Channel) about a movie. When I looked closely, I saw Kazuki Katou

If you did not know who Kazuki Katou was, you are just missing one of the most handsome and talented guy in the world! I first encountered him through Dream Live 3. A classmate loves Japanese stuff and when I told her how I loved Prince of Tennis, she gave me Dream Live 3. Dream Live 3 is a live staging of Prince of Tennis. It’s like Prince of Tennis Musical Edition. Now, my favorite character from Prince of Tennis is Atobe, the rich, handsome and full-of-himself Captain of Hyotei Gakuen. It just so happened that Kazuki Katou was playing Atobe!

Although I don’t really like tall, dark and handsome, Kazuki Katou falls under the category. He’s an extremely cool person in real life too. What actually made him really attractive to me is his voice.  

This is my favorite song of him. Anyways, enough with the Kazuki Katou thing. For my first Asian Watcher, I will feature Days With You.

Days With You is a Japanese movie. The main character is Natsuki, played by Toda Erika (same girl who played Amane Misa in Death Note) and Sota, played by Kazuki Kato. 

The movie was directed by Amiy Mori. Although I don’t really know this person well, I think the direction of the movie was good because I liked the shots a lot and the effects were simple and clean. The movie aired in 20009.

There were actually three characters in focus in the movie. Besides Natsuki and Sota, there’s Daiki, Natsuki’s younger brother who suffers from Autism. 

The Plot

The story started with the three of them young inside a planetarium. Daiki has a really vast knowledge of stars and they try to point out stars in the sky. He has no disorder during this time yet (or maybe he has, but it isn’t prominent yet). Sota is leaving for Canada soon and promises Natsuki that when he comes back, he would marry her. He gives her this plastic toy ring and says that it’s their engagement ring. 


After 11 years, Sota returns. Natsuki sort of does not like to talk to him because he stopped sending letters to her a long time. Daiki’s case is severe. Their dad died on Daiki’s birthday, which sort of made him worse. What’s incredible though is his ability to memorize star locations, names and features.

Sota tries to befriend the siblings again, and so he creates a Christmas Party for them. He is now a film major in Tokyo. When things with Natsuki was already going fine, he decides to bring her on a date on her birthday. He does not make it because he is sick with tumor. Natsuki finds out and was devastated.


In the end Sota dies, but Natsuki was able to bring him to a town to watch at the Meteor Shower. He was extremely happy before he died.

The verdict

The movie is the typical sad love story. What made it special was the stars I think. The connection to the celestial entity can be seen a lot in the movie. The opening was in a planetarium. The ending was in a Planetarium. The good scenes were also in the Planetarium, if not it involves the sky. 


It was just a feel good movie. I was a little touched, but I did not cry my eyes out or anything. It was not anything serious that you need to think about it, which I think was good considering that I had to watch it before sleeping. 

The acting was good too. Toda Erika and Kazuki Katou are two of the most exceptional actors in Japan, so I expected them both to do good, and they did. Some reviews thought the music was not that good, but I thought it was. Acclaimed singer Thelma Aoyama contributed to the soundtrack. Of course, Kazuki Katou also sang.

It’s not an exceptional movie, but according to sources, this is the director’s first movie. I think she’s in for a great career if it was. The shots were really professional.

If you guys get you hands on this, don’t let it slip you! It’s a good movie to watch!


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Until next review!

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