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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 7)

I did have a lot of time on my hands this week, but I guess this week was marked by missing a lot of Otaku activities because I had to process a lot of stuff over the last few days. If you guys did not know, I have been completing my application for my Master’s next year, so even if the application procedure is quite simple, it did require me to do a lot things so I was really busy (even busier than I was last week) this week. Nonetheless, I did manage to finish up some cool stuff this week.

1. MANGA: Vampire Knight

2. JDRAMA: First Kiss

3. ANIME: Fairy Tail (Episodes 1-50)

4. SONG/VIDEO: Kimi Ga Iru Kara by Shimokawa Mikuni  (Fairy Tail Ending)


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So I had Vampire Knights again this week. In fact, I am not even sure how many volumes I read. With the little time that I had I must’ve read only about 1 to 2 volumes of the manga. I know I promised a verdict as soon as I finished it but I found it quite hard to insert reading on a tight schedule this week. However, I do know that I am very neutral about the manga. I kind of like it better than Twilight, but no more than so.

I don’t like the very slow pacing and the very dramatic setup. I also dislike the fact that the story can be quite confusing and I don’t know if it’s the subber’s fault, but I am really confused with all the secrets and stuff. The story line however (the very foundation of the plot of the manga) is quite interesting, which is the very reason why I don’t totally hate the manga just yet. But I don’t know. I still have some chapters to see. One more thing too, I really love the way it is drawn. It’s very Tsubasa Chronicle-ish and  xxxHolic-ish, which are both from CLAMP. However, the manga itself is in no way affiliated to CLAMP (4 Japanese women manga artists who created Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer, Chobits, etc).

MY VERDICT FOR NOW: I will really have to see whether this is a good read or not before I recommend it to you guys. But judging from the hype I get about the anime, I think the anime would be good. Will watch them too as soon as I finish downloading all the Fairy Tail Episodes I could get my hands into. 


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I did manage to finish an entire Jdrama this week. The title is First Kiss. I was attracted to it because of the lead character being played by Inoue Mao. Inoue Mao played Tsukushi Makino is Hana Yori Dango (aka Boys Over Flowers or Meteor Garden), and I loved her there, so I thought I might love First Kiss. 

The drama is definitely not my favorite, but Inoue Mao’s acting is so great here. Her pure, innocent character in HYD was replaced by a bratty, devilish character in First Kiss. It was a totally different but she played it so well. It was a mark of her versatility as an actress, so I was really impressed.

The story itself is not ordinary, but it’s not that interesting. The story is about Mio (Inoue Mao) who lived in America for 10 years because of her heart condition. One day, the doctors said that they could finally treat her illness, but the operation would have a 50-50 chance of being successful or not. So, Mio decided to ask the doctors to allow her to leave for Japan and stay there for the summer. She wanted to be with her older brother who she hasn’t seen since she flew to the US. 

When she was in Japan, she encouraged her brother to love photography again (which he fell in love with because of his picture experience when he and Mio were young), fell in love with a doctor, and influenced a lot people.

The ending was unsatisfactory though.

THE VERDICT: I recommend it to you guys if you’re okay with Shoujo stories. However, this is not an addicting drama, so I guess you can skip this one.

SIDE NOTE: I also watched this because of the doctor. He is so cute. On the picture, he’s the guy with the blue background down below.


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This week, I re-fired my love for Fairy Tail. I have watched a few episodes of the anime before, and I totally love the story line. So, I decided to download the entire Fairy Tail Collection, which is kind of impossible because the anime is on-going.

Anyways, I love love love Fairy Tail. This is so far my favorite anime of the year. I was also thinking about downloading the manga. It won manga awards so I guess it should be pretty great. I am still thinking about getting Naruto and Bleach, but man, there’s like a lot of chapters so I guess I might postpone that for now. Or better yet, I’ll start downloading them, and read them when I already have a lot. 

Anyway, Fairy Tail is about magic and adventure, something to the likes of Rave Master (which is from the same creator) or One Piece. It’s really cool since you get to see different types of magic. I love the idea of a guild for magicians. Of course, the humor of the anime also appeals to me a lot. I love anything that could make me laugh.


I love this song. It’s light and dreamy. I am currently memorizing the song. It has been on replay for days now. 

That’s it for this week’s Episode of Otaku Girl. If there’s an anime, manga, song or Jdrama that you can recommend for me or you request me to look over and do a review on, please let me know by leaving a comment below. You can also tweet and facebook me. All links on the side.

See you guys next week.

Andy-chan :3

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