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Asian Watcher: SNSD’s The Boys

Hey guys. Today is another edition of Asian Watcher. I’m sorry if you will now start to see the depths of what I know about Asia, but I pretty much have no idea what to feature but what I see online. SNSD’s (a.k.a. So Nyeu Shi Dae or Girl’s Generation) The Boys just launched and so I decided to do a review. I am not a big fan of Girl’s Generation, but it has been a while since they launched a song out. Besides, I loved the video teasers that I watched yesterday. It took a step away from the aegyo (cute) image that Girl’s Generation usually had. 

The Boys is the title track of SNSD’s Third Album. Now, if I’m not mistaken, they released a Korean Version and an English version. I did not want to watch the English version today because it might totally ruin the perspective I have of the Korean version. SNSD is not exactly the best English speakers out there. More so, their management company SM Entertainment has a reputation for ruining the English language of their artists. For instance, just check out Super Junior‘s Mr. Simple. The opening line was, “Because I naughty, naughty”. See? Totally did not make sense.

I love the album cover! It’s so extreme! I love extreme which is probably the reason why I love Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls in Bbi Ri Bba Bba.

Anyhow, the album cover and the teaser photos did a much better job the Super Junior’s Mr. Simple photo teasers. One reason is that the cover, photo teasers and video had a connection. Thematically, I think Girl’s Generation is speaking women empowerment, which was portrayed well in the video. Here’s the vid.


The Good Points

I totally am in-love with the dance. It’s not a dance one would easily remember, but it’s something that suits the girls very much. They have also improved in terms of singing.

Their sense of style is also a lot better than Super Junior. Don’t hate me okay, because I love Super Junior a lot too, but when I saw how they looked, I wanted to search their stylist and torture him/her to death. Anyways, I am loving orange top that Sooyoung has on and Seohyun’s purple lace dress. I love lace! 

I also loved the make-up of the girls! I think I might even attempt (READ HERE: ATTEMPT) to recreate some of their looks. Koreans are generally good-skinned people, and the Korean beauty of all nine girls shone through the video. Here is a complete screenshot of their glamorous looks. This is all glittery and sparkly and totally cool.

For those of you who do not know this group, let me break it down for you really quick. Top left is Jessica. She’s my all-time favorite member because she’ sweet and her voice is so angelic. To her right is Taeyeon. She’s the leader and pretty much the power voice of the group. Second row left is Tiffany. I have a girl crush on this gal’s eye-smile. Next to her is Sunny, who is very childish and cute, and who seems to have transformed to a short-haired gal in this video. Love the hair! Third row left is Seohyun. She’s the youngest. She’s innocent and charming. Next to her is Hyoyeon. This girl can dance her butt of all day and she’s still going to amaze you. Fourth row left is Sooyoung. I think she’s very pretty, don’t you think. She’s also a great dancer. I have a girl-crush on this gal too. Next to her is Yoona. Yoona is dorky and fun and she’s really pretty popular among the boys because she’s pretty. Last but not least is Yuri. Yuri’s body is voluptuous. She’s totally my favorite in this video. 

Here are my ultimate favorite shots favorite shots.

Order in picture Top-Bottom, Left-Right (Jessica, Yuri, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Yoona, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun)

Points I think can be improved

The video was not something I would’ve fallen in love with the first time I saw it, but like Mr. Simple, it kind of grows on me. The video did not have a story though, which I look for in most videos I watch. A story does not necessarily need to be clear, but it has to be evident. In the video, you will see a bunch of girls dancing around and singing and staring at the camera with all fierceness. If there is a story, I am completely confused. If you want to know what I mean by video with a story, see this review I created about Brown Eyed Girl’s video Sixth Sense here.

When I first saw the video and heard the song along with it, I remembered Super Junior’s Mr. Simple and A-cha.

I don’t know if it’s because they’re from the same entertainment company, but the sound of The Boys was a lot similar to the sound of Super Junior’s songs. Maybe the same composer? I don’t know. Another similar thing is the opening sequence before the song actually starts. All the same with Super Junior, the video does not also have a story. 

I also know that some Sones (official fanclub name) might hate me for this, but I think Yoona is overrated. She appears a lot in the video even during the parts that she’s not singing. Yoona is a lot pretty, but when you focus on her a lot in SNSD’s videos, you start to grow tired of her. I saw less of Hyoyeon. She is so underrated. I think she deserves more than two or three shots. 

The song is not something that would easily grow on you, but I think given the fact that SNSD is a total performing group with great coordination and perseverance, I think The Boys would be topping the charts for sure. 


It’s not the best video, but if I am to decide, this is by far my most favorite video of Girl’s Generation. It’s sexy, it’s edgy, it’s fierce and it’s awesome. I simply love it.

If I were to rate it in the Worried Bunny style, I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 bunnies. :3

Okay, I have some fangirling to do so I leave it to you guys to decide whether you liked the video or not. Please let me know through the comments. You can be as honest as possible. Who knows, SM Entertainment might be reading this and they would start planning how to do a better job. A better job means better songs and videos, and that’s what we want, right?

KPOPing here,

Andy :x

P.S. Hey guys, guess what? Yuri is my favorite this time. She’s really sexy. I think I have a girl-crush on her. OMO…. 

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