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Otaku Girl: Episode 11


Oh my God, it’s been two months since I last posted anything. In that span of time, I kind of finished a lot of Jdramas (anime and manga not so much). Anyways, I am really, really sorry you guys, especially to people who have been following these episodes. I tried my best, but I guess work/school took me away from this blog?


1. MANGA: Fairy Tail

2. JDRAMA: Rinjo

3. ANIME: Rave Master

4. SONG/VIDEO: Kanpekigu no ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai (Fairy Tail OST)


I started reading the manga version of Fairy Tail. I kind of got upset since they upload every week and I feel like waiting for forever each time. I did not actually start at the very beginning but I started at where the Episode 123 of the anime version was. I was glad I read the manga, because it’s quite different from the anime version. I love both of them, but I prefer watching than reading.

THE VERDICT: Highly recommend this stuff. Hiro Mashima-sensei is a genius. I wish I could meet him. I feel like my life would be complete~


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I watched this from Red Channel. This is the season 1 of the drama. I actually have never seen the season 2 version of the drama, but it’s the same cast and it’s equally interesting.

Rinjo means “coroner”, or so what they said. Anyways, the story is like mystery-detective-ish. I really like these types of stories (because it is my dream to become a detective or a prosecutor). The story features Kuraishi (played by Takashima Masanobu), who has these “magic eyes”. No detail of a murder or any sort of killing can escape his eyes, and it is always the details that he saw that would solve the case.

I really like his sidekicks, Ichinose and Kosaka too. They have side stories where the cases they handle have some connection with them. I also like how the psychological thing works on the suspects who are the actual killers. Some of the advice from Kuraishi are also really good and can be applied to real life.

THE VERDICT: Yes! Watch this! I will watch season 2 once I get hold of a download site. Man, it’s so hard to find this series even though it was released only in 2010.


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I rewatched this anime! hooray!

I originally watched this as a kid. However, the channel who showed this anime did not even bother to finish the entire awesome series. This is a work of Hiro Mashima too! I love Mashima-sensei and his works!

It’s amazing that Plue has more appearances here than in Fairy Tail. I love Plue a lot. Rave Master is a story about Haru (trivia: Haru’s name means Spring while Natsu’s name means Summer. totally fits their personalities) who acquired the Ten Commandments sword from the previous Rave Master. In order to save the world from evil forces who have the Dark Bring, he must collect all Rave and defeat their leader.

I haven’t finished this one. I am about 20 more episodes short. I will try to finish this, but I am making no promises.

THE VERDICT: Still 20 episodes or so short, but I highly recommend this. This is one of the best anime produced in the 90s.


I am so obsessed with the Fairy Tail OST! I have about 5 of them memorized in my head, including Kimi Ga Iru Kara (reviewed here in Episode 7) and Be As One (reviewed here in Episode 10). The new one on my list is Kanpekigu no ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai. I can’t find the official video (which I remember to have watched before) but here’s a dance version.

I love the rhythm of this song. It’s so sunny and bubbly and happy! This is the kind of song to listen to when you are stressed with school and work.. *sigh*

THE VERDICT: Yes! Listen to this! Especially if it’s summer where you live!

That’s it for Episode 11! Watch out for Episode 12. I will try to write them in advance so I can post more frequently in here. Thanks for sticking by and don’t forget to read back on all the other episodes in case you missed them. All of them are filed in the OTAKU page.

Andy :3

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