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Aing~♥Today is White Day♥

Previously, I wrote about how Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day. I wrote about how they do it two times a year – one during February 14th, and one a month after, which is March 14th. You can see that post here

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Today is what you call White Day.

White Day is celebrated every March 14, which is basically like a Part 2 of Valentine’s Day. During the 14th, girls would make chocolate for guys they like and guys they are acquainted with. For guys they work or are acquainted with, the chocolate is called giri-choko or Obligation Chocolate. For guys they like, it is called honmei-choko or Homemade Chocolate because homemade chocolates are thought of as an expression of liking someone. 

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During White Day, things go reverse. Guys give giri-choko to women they work or are acquainted with, while they give honmei choko to girls they like. 

During the earlier periods of White day, only chocolate could be given. These days, however, men can also give jewelry, cookies, marshmallows, and even lingerie to women. Korea, China and Taiwan also celebrate White Day. Korea also celebrates a Black Day, but I’ll explain that when the day comes. Hint: It’s suited especially for me.

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s or White Day. I’m not popular so I don’t get chocolates, and I certainly do not have someone I like as of the moment. Shimatta~ I might be forever alone. >__<

That’s it for this post. Sad to say, Episode 10 of Otaku Girl is delayed again *sigh*. Please wait for it.

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 2)

Let me begin by saying that for this episode I might have done too much. If my calculations are correct, I should have finished at least three episode’s worth of materials. I finished a full 15-volume manga, an 11-episode series, various anime episodes and some JPOP and anime songs. I am now becoming more and more of an Otaku Girl. I think I just need some video games to complete the package.

If you did not know, my inspiration is Konata-chan.

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Episode 2 Stuff:

  1. MANGA: Spiral

  2. DRAMA: Ouran High School Host Club Live Action

  3. ANIME: Aoi Bungaku

  4. SONG/VIDEO: Movin’ (Bleach) & We Never Give Up (Kis-My-Ft2)


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I was hunting my usual download site for some manga, when I clicked this tag for Mystery mangas. I wanted really short mangas so I downloaded Spiral. For some reason, I was not interested at first because it was like Detective Conan, which is a really popular mystery anime. However, unlike Detective Conan the mystery is not solved in every volume. In fact, the story just moves around one big mystery and with sub-mysteries connected to it.

The twist at the last volume was also very intense, and I would have never thought about it. Actually I would’ve have. I kind of have a knack for analyzing mystery stories, and I kind of guessed a little rightl about some things. It was a pretty decent manga I think, especially since I spent the entire day yesterday reading it and ended up sleeping in the wee hours of the morning just to finish the last volume.



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I first encountered Ouran when I watched the entire anime series (which has I think around 26 episodes). I finished the live action version in one go today. I love love love the anime, so it was also no surprise that I love the live action version as well.

I did not like the actors who played the characters as much, and I think there might be more suitable actors in appearance, but for the acting part, I think they all suited their characters well. It is a really fun series, and the set-up is a rich high school.

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The main character Haruhi is a scholar at the school who had to pretend to be a guy in order to be a host, so that she could pay her debt of eight million yen. She broke the vase of the Host Club. She met friends in the host club and they go on funny adventures.

The only thing I did not really like about the live action is the fact that there were only 11 episodes. It was such a short time for such a long anime series. I would’ve wanted to see how they would interpret some of the anime versions.

THE VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I am hearing rumors of a possible movie, and I am waiting patiently for that.


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I watched a pretty decent amount of anime this week, but I can’t seem to remember all of them. They were mostly from Animax and I think this includes several episodes of Bleach and Tales of the Abyss (which I have yet to download) so I can freaking start the series because I failed to meet the 7:30 pm schedule everyday.

This week’s anime is pretty dark. I searched for a mystery anime (can you now conclude that I love the mystery genre?) and I downloaded Aoi Bungaku because it has very few episodes. I have yet to finish all, and so as far as I have watched, this is a boring anime for someone who does not like dark anime, and I was surprised that it even has a little Ecchi (adult, lewd content). It is full of symbolisms, and is so confusing especially if you do not know anything about the Japanese literature history.

I will tell you my verdict if I ever get to finish this anime. I like the dark and symbolic anime thing, but if I get even more confused, I might not actually finish this anime at all.

UPDATE (23 Jan 2012): I don’t like this at all. Did not download other eps. There are better anime in the world.. 


Someone posted this song on Facebook the other day. I saw the word “Bleach” so I opened it. I love songs from Bleach because they always seem very catchy and interesting, and this song is no exception. Take a look at Takacha’s Movin’

Anyway, I have two favorites this week, and the other one is not anime-related. This JPOP song We Never Give Up is from Kis-My-Ft2. I love the melody and the meaning of the song. I did study Japanese for a year so even if I don’t fully understand it, I was still able to pick up the meaning of the song. Judging from my constant anime and manga obsession, I should be good in Japanese after about 6-7 years of doing this everyday. (*sincerely hoping*)

That’s it for this week. See you guys in Episode Three!

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl

Hey guys. I am so sorry I have been MIA lately. School just got back and I was not prepared for it. I had to rush all the lessons that I needed to teach.

Anyways, another reason for me not really posting lately is that I have been searching for something worthwhile doing this year. So, I decided to unleash the inner otaku in me. I was looking for something that I could do every week so that in one year, I can look back and say I accomplished so much in this part of my life. It’s nothing serious. I just want more chapters in my kind of boring life.

Finally, I found what I want to do for 52 weeks. I wanted to be an Anime fan! These are the rules for Project 52: Otaku Girl:

1. Read a minimum of six volumes of manga per week.

2. Blog about the read manga volumes. 

3. Watch 2 episodes of Anime per week.

4. Blog about the watched Anime when it is done.

5. Watch two episodes of a live action drama or Jdrama per week. 

6. Blog about the live action drama or Jdrama when the entire series is done.

7. Look for one anime-related or J-drama video or song.

8. Blog about the video or song.

9. Blog posts would be every Sunday or Monday.

So those are the rules. They sound like they are a lot of work, but considering the amount of time I spend on the internet, I do not think this is impossible. In fact, this week alone, I finished a 7-volume manga, ten 1-hour episodes of a drama, watched anime all day (Saturday), and listened to so many Anime songs that I lost count. And I did all this even with the busy schedule at school. 

I hope you guys can share with me what you are planning to do this year. I am planning on branching out to other countries in Asia in my following posts, so don’t think that I will be focusing on my Anime fantasies. Watch out for an Indian recipe this week and an edition of Project 52: Otaku Girl tomorrow. Hope you guys are doing well. 

Love lots,

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Christmas in Asia

It’s Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas time and what better way to do an edition of Anything Asian than by discussing how Asians celebrate Christmas?

First of all, not everyone is Asia celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a Christian tradition, and while most Westerners (Europe, the Americas, etc) are practicing Christianity, most of Asia don’t. If I am correct, most people in Asia practice Buddhism, and it would not be surprising since Buddhism was born in Asia. Wait, just a minute. Wasn’t Christianity born in Asia too? Now, I’m confused.

Anyways, I’ll ponder on this serious matter some other time. For now, let’s see how Asians celebrate Christmas.


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Since I live in the Philippines, I do know how we celebrate Christmas as Filipinos. Philippines is the biggest Catholic country in all of Asia, so Christmas is a very prominent holiday in the country.

Loads of colorful Christmas lanterns, Simbang Gabi (Nine Church Masses from December 16-24, usually in the very early morning), foods like Bibingka and Puto Bumbong (exclusive every Christmas), children caroling in front of your house every night – these are just some of the highlights of Christmas in the Philippines. You still have your Christmas parties, but they do not usually happen on Christmas Eve, because December 24 usually marks the Noche Buena, or the Christmas Eve dinner, and the family must be together for this dinner. Filipinos have very close family ties, and the celebration of Christmas Eve together is a portrayal of the importance we give to family. 


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From what I watched from Anime, Christmas in Japan is like a 2nd Valentine’s Day. The highlight usually would be for couples. Christmas is not a national holiday. People from Japan are usually Shintoists or Buddhists, so the celebration of Christmas is mostly for  commercial purposes. People still give gifts to people on Christmas, but unlike the Christian celebration in the Philippines, it mostly does not mean anything religious-related. 

South Korea

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About a quarter of South Korea’s population are Christians. Although this is the case, I have seen many Korean idols promote Christmas albums and commercials. Christmas is treated according to what an individual thinks. Some people think it’s about charity, others a normal pace of life. South Koreans give gifts in different forms like any other races, and they also spend time with their family. However, Christmas celebration is not as extravagant as other national holidays like the Lunar New Year. 


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Singapore is a big shopping center, and during the Christmas season, establishments hold various sales and promos for consumers. Decorations are very extravagant, as if preparing for tourists to come. 

Indonesia and Malaysia

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Malaysia and Indonesia are big Muslim countries. About less than 10% of the population comprise Christians, but Jesus is believed as a prophet by Muslims, so they also celebrate his birth, although not as festive as the Christian celebration. People decorate their homes and give gifts with one another too.


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Interestingly, Indians also celebrate Christmas, even if only 2% of the entire population are actual Christians. Because the country was colonized and influenced by the British government, even schools celebrate Christmas. Instead of the pine tree used in Christmas trees, Indians often decorate mango or banana trees. 

It is traditional for Indians to give gifts during this season, but unlike other countries, they are not only expected to give gifts to friends and family members, they also have to give to the unfortunate and the poor.


Bangladesh and Pakistan

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Both in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Christmas is know as the Great Day. In Pakistan, people celebrate Christmas by wearing new clothes, visiting family and friends and exchanging gifts. They also have to attend church on that day.

In Bangladesh, people cut banana trees and form arches using two trees. They build this as a special pathway to a church service. They put oil on these arches, so they sort of make a lighted way to the service. 


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Most Israelites are Jews, so they do not practice the celebration of Christmas. Hannukah, an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple. Christians living in Israel however, do pilgrimage along the places where Jesus Christ lived, most especially in Bethlehem where he was born.


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Decoration can be seen in China during the Christmas season, but as a country mainly practicing Taoism, the minority of Christians usually privately celebrate Christmas. Christianity is an oppressed religion in China, as it is a communist country, and some people have to secretly read the Bible (these events are told by my Pastors, I dunno if it still happens). This happens mainly on Mainland China. As for Hong Kong and Macau, they are wide tourist attractions, and they are as well-decorated as Singapore during the season.

That’s it for this edition of Anything Asian. No matter how you celebrate the holidays (or if you ever do), I hope you celebrate it with joy and love. Information on how people celebrate Christmas here might not be accurate. These are based on slight research and stocked knowledge.

Catch you guys soon! 

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Asian Watcher: Days With You (Japanese)

I recently saw this commercial at the local Asian channel (Red Channel) about a movie. When I looked closely, I saw Kazuki Katou

If you did not know who Kazuki Katou was, you are just missing one of the most handsome and talented guy in the world! I first encountered him through Dream Live 3. A classmate loves Japanese stuff and when I told her how I loved Prince of Tennis, she gave me Dream Live 3. Dream Live 3 is a live staging of Prince of Tennis. It’s like Prince of Tennis Musical Edition. Now, my favorite character from Prince of Tennis is Atobe, the rich, handsome and full-of-himself Captain of Hyotei Gakuen. It just so happened that Kazuki Katou was playing Atobe!

Although I don’t really like tall, dark and handsome, Kazuki Katou falls under the category. He’s an extremely cool person in real life too. What actually made him really attractive to me is his voice.  

This is my favorite song of him. Anyways, enough with the Kazuki Katou thing. For my first Asian Watcher, I will feature Days With You.

Days With You is a Japanese movie. The main character is Natsuki, played by Toda Erika (same girl who played Amane Misa in Death Note) and Sota, played by Kazuki Kato. 

The movie was directed by Amiy Mori. Although I don’t really know this person well, I think the direction of the movie was good because I liked the shots a lot and the effects were simple and clean. The movie aired in 20009.

There were actually three characters in focus in the movie. Besides Natsuki and Sota, there’s Daiki, Natsuki’s younger brother who suffers from Autism. 

The Plot

The story started with the three of them young inside a planetarium. Daiki has a really vast knowledge of stars and they try to point out stars in the sky. He has no disorder during this time yet (or maybe he has, but it isn’t prominent yet). Sota is leaving for Canada soon and promises Natsuki that when he comes back, he would marry her. He gives her this plastic toy ring and says that it’s their engagement ring. 


After 11 years, Sota returns. Natsuki sort of does not like to talk to him because he stopped sending letters to her a long time. Daiki’s case is severe. Their dad died on Daiki’s birthday, which sort of made him worse. What’s incredible though is his ability to memorize star locations, names and features.

Sota tries to befriend the siblings again, and so he creates a Christmas Party for them. He is now a film major in Tokyo. When things with Natsuki was already going fine, he decides to bring her on a date on her birthday. He does not make it because he is sick with tumor. Natsuki finds out and was devastated.


In the end Sota dies, but Natsuki was able to bring him to a town to watch at the Meteor Shower. He was extremely happy before he died.

The verdict

The movie is the typical sad love story. What made it special was the stars I think. The connection to the celestial entity can be seen a lot in the movie. The opening was in a planetarium. The ending was in a Planetarium. The good scenes were also in the Planetarium, if not it involves the sky. 


It was just a feel good movie. I was a little touched, but I did not cry my eyes out or anything. It was not anything serious that you need to think about it, which I think was good considering that I had to watch it before sleeping. 

The acting was good too. Toda Erika and Kazuki Katou are two of the most exceptional actors in Japan, so I expected them both to do good, and they did. Some reviews thought the music was not that good, but I thought it was. Acclaimed singer Thelma Aoyama contributed to the soundtrack. Of course, Kazuki Katou also sang.

It’s not an exceptional movie, but according to sources, this is the director’s first movie. I think she’s in for a great career if it was. The shots were really professional.

If you guys get you hands on this, don’t let it slip you! It’s a good movie to watch!


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Until next review!

Your Asian Watcher,

Andy :x

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