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Otaku Girl (Episode 13)

Hello again guys! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to write regularly as promised. I was buried with work and school again, and I was looking for a part-time job too. *sigh* Making money is not easy. Anyways, here are my top pick for the week.

Manga: Card Captor Sakura

Drama: Fugoh Keiji Season 1

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke Season 1

Music: Kono Te Nobashite – Hi-fi Camp 


The cover of the first volume of the Cardcapto...
The cover of the first volume of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga released by Kodansha on November 22, 1996 in Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cardcaptor Sakura is a very popular material from CLAMP. CLAMP produced xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles, CLAMP Detective School and a few other materials. I really like the graphics that CLAMP produces. It’s a really nice well-detailed material with loads of the cutesy stuff!

Anyway, the manga is less popular than the anime counterpart (at least where I live) and I can see the reason why. The anime prides itself with ___ number of episodes. Each episode is made alive in full color which makes the manga counterpart really dull. Nonetheless, the 12 volume manga has basically the same great story line.

Personally, I prefer the manga a notch higher than the anime. The anime has been animated really greatly, but it lacks the depth that the manga provided. Also, the manga has less restrictions with emotions, and while the anime has the puppy-love-ish feel , the manga goes into a more serious mode. More details about this below.


If you guys didn’t know the story of CCS. Sakura is a 4th grader who accidentally opened Clow the Magician’s book of cards setting them free. In order for the cards to not cause chaos, Sakura has to catch them. With the help of Keroberos, a magical being/protector of cards, Sakura catches them. Yuwe, the other protector tests her spirits when she has captured her. Passing the test, Yuwe becomes Sakura’s magical being/protector like Keroberos. Yuwe is actually the alter-ego of Yukito, Touya’s (Sakura’s brother) best friend.

So, onto the romantic connection. Sakura like Yukito a lot. He’s a whole lot older than she is which makes him cool in her eyes. Lee Syaoran, a descendant of Clow who came to compete in capturing the cards, likes Yukito at first, but falls in love with Sakura (I’m like WTH here, you guys are in 4th grade!). Tomoyo, Sakura’s best friend likes Sakura the most, while Touya and Yukito pretty much like each other. As said earlier, most of these love connections are not evident in any way in the anime.


THE VERDICT: I liked the manga better than the anime and I like CCS a lot. I watched it like 10x before during my 6th grade (talk about appropriateness of the anime for my age) which was about 10 years ago. I highly recommend the manga. It’s short and there are some parts which were not discussed in the anime like the fact that Eriol and Sakura’s dad are actually reincarnations of Clow.




Because of this drama, I am obsessed with Fukada Kyoko! She’s so cute. The direct translation of the title is Millionaire Police. The drama is so addicting especially if you’re a sucker for crime stories like I am.


The drama pretty much centers around Miwako Kanbe, the newest police officer. Coming from a millionaire family, she tries to solve each case using luxurious ways. She sets up fake companies, schools, imitates world-class people, etc. Her grandfather is revealed to be a con-man in the past and has acquired all the wealth. Turning a new leaf, her grandfather wants to spend all the money until it’s gone for Miwako’s cases.


THE VERDICT: I like this drama, and it wasn’t boring until the end. However, the forming love between Miwako (it was unrequited btw – Miwako’s side) and (insert name here) never really got anywhere, which is kind of disappointing. I wanted Miwako to be happy!



Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kyaaaa!~ Kimi ni Todoke is a enormously awesome anime! Kyaaaaa!~


The story centers around Kuronuma Sawako, often called Sadako for her straight dark hair and gloomy personality. Kazehaya Shota is the only one nice to her, and it’s because he’s been in love with her ever since the first day of class when he met her by the cherry blossom trees. The story revolves around how Sawako makes friends through Kazehaya’s help. In the first season, it ends with Sawako having two best friends and realizing she has feelings for Kazehaya.


THE VERDICT: I really like this anime. I think it’s my favorite shoujo anime so far (I’m betting on liking Paradise Kiss anime too, but I haven’t seen it yet). The graphics are well-made and the story is so interesting. I don’t like the ending because it’s a hanging ending, but there is a second season where Kazehaya and Sawako’s romance progress better (will do a review on it next week). I definitely recommend seeing this anime. Both seasons are done so you can watch all the episodes!



I am back with my Fairy Tail music obsession! I loved this song too much that I actually looked for more Hi-fi Camp music. They’re a really promising group I think.

Ah~ So we are at the end of another episode. Happy Holidays to everyone. I am hoping to bring more content to you next year so please watch out for it!

Andy :3

Otaku Girl: Episode 11


Oh my God, it’s been two months since I last posted anything. In that span of time, I kind of finished a lot of Jdramas (anime and manga not so much). Anyways, I am really, really sorry you guys, especially to people who have been following these episodes. I tried my best, but I guess work/school took me away from this blog?


1. MANGA: Fairy Tail

2. JDRAMA: Rinjo

3. ANIME: Rave Master

4. SONG/VIDEO: Kanpekigu no ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai (Fairy Tail OST)


I started reading the manga version of Fairy Tail. I kind of got upset since they upload every week and I feel like waiting for forever each time. I did not actually start at the very beginning but I started at where the Episode 123 of the anime version was. I was glad I read the manga, because it’s quite different from the anime version. I love both of them, but I prefer watching than reading.

THE VERDICT: Highly recommend this stuff. Hiro Mashima-sensei is a genius. I wish I could meet him. I feel like my life would be complete~


Image from

I watched this from Red Channel. This is the season 1 of the drama. I actually have never seen the season 2 version of the drama, but it’s the same cast and it’s equally interesting.

Rinjo means “coroner”, or so what they said. Anyways, the story is like mystery-detective-ish. I really like these types of stories (because it is my dream to become a detective or a prosecutor). The story features Kuraishi (played by Takashima Masanobu), who has these “magic eyes”. No detail of a murder or any sort of killing can escape his eyes, and it is always the details that he saw that would solve the case.

I really like his sidekicks, Ichinose and Kosaka too. They have side stories where the cases they handle have some connection with them. I also like how the psychological thing works on the suspects who are the actual killers. Some of the advice from Kuraishi are also really good and can be applied to real life.

THE VERDICT: Yes! Watch this! I will watch season 2 once I get hold of a download site. Man, it’s so hard to find this series even though it was released only in 2010.


Image from

I rewatched this anime! hooray!

I originally watched this as a kid. However, the channel who showed this anime did not even bother to finish the entire awesome series. This is a work of Hiro Mashima too! I love Mashima-sensei and his works!

It’s amazing that Plue has more appearances here than in Fairy Tail. I love Plue a lot. Rave Master is a story about Haru (trivia: Haru’s name means Spring while Natsu’s name means Summer. totally fits their personalities) who acquired the Ten Commandments sword from the previous Rave Master. In order to save the world from evil forces who have the Dark Bring, he must collect all Rave and defeat their leader.

I haven’t finished this one. I am about 20 more episodes short. I will try to finish this, but I am making no promises.

THE VERDICT: Still 20 episodes or so short, but I highly recommend this. This is one of the best anime produced in the 90s.


I am so obsessed with the Fairy Tail OST! I have about 5 of them memorized in my head, including Kimi Ga Iru Kara (reviewed here in Episode 7) and Be As One (reviewed here in Episode 10). The new one on my list is Kanpekigu no ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai. I can’t find the official video (which I remember to have watched before) but here’s a dance version.

I love the rhythm of this song. It’s so sunny and bubbly and happy! This is the kind of song to listen to when you are stressed with school and work.. *sigh*

THE VERDICT: Yes! Listen to this! Especially if it’s summer where you live!

That’s it for Episode 11! Watch out for Episode 12. I will try to write them in advance so I can post more frequently in here. Thanks for sticking by and don’t forget to read back on all the other episodes in case you missed them. All of them are filed in the OTAKU page.

Andy :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 9)

I’m sorry if Episode 9 is delayed. I had a very hard time looking for the song/video.

I basically had the same stuff for week 9. It’s because the materials I got for Episode 8 were not exactly short. The manga has over 20 volumes, the Jdrama is 1100 hours long, and the anime is ongoing and I had to catch up to about 70 episodes to get to the current episodes. The only thing that I had differently this week was the music.

1. MANGA: Fruits Basket

2. JDRAMA: Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta

3. ANIME: Fairy Tail (Episodes 50-onwards)

4. SONG/VIDEO: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Anime OST Collection

I’ll be writing very shortly about the first three.


Image from

I have to say I am super absorbed by the manga. The story is now very interesting. I still haven’t finished it yet. It’s a really long manga. Each volume has about five chapters, and each chapter has about 20-30 pages or so. I can’t wait to finish it though, because I think it’s absolutely exciting.

I kind of can relate to Yuki-kun, although I like Kyo-kun for Tohru-chan a lot better. Yuki is a broken person who pretends to be happy all the time. Personality-wise, I am very similar to him. I can feel his insecurities and his selfishness (he does call it selfishness, so I guess I don’t have to be polite or anything >_______<)..

THE VERDICT: As I said last week, highly recommended.

UPDATE: I cried today, because I finished this! Finally! Buckets of tears~ah.


Image from

I finally finished the drama! Ah~

It’s really great. It’s a good series to watch. The series was quite open-ended, but it remained humorous until the end. Nakama Yukie is really so darn funny.

THE VERDICT: Yes! Yes! Get this one!


Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail. Ah~

I don’t usually like an anime, manga or series that is ongoing, because I feel like it’s a bothersome thing, but I don’t mind waiting for all the episodes to come out. I just finished Episode 121. This is all there is for now.

THE VERDICT: I wouldn’t get this if it wasn’t good. I’m thinking about getting the manga as well, but my friend said it’s almost the same.


I had such a hard time looking for the song that I really liked from the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime OST. The one in the video above is Changing by Kiyoharu. It’s my second favorite, but my top 1 is Karattou Ikou~Adios Amigos by Bon Bon Blanco. I really like the group Bon Bon Blanco because I feel that their songs are all very upbeat, but still has a romantic feel into it. Anyways, since I cannot find a YT video of it, I’ll just provide you with a download link. Don’t worry, download here is fast and there’s no need to sign up for an account or whatnot.


That’s it for this episode. I will upload Episode 10 sometime this week. I have my stuff ready for it, I just hadn’t had the time to draft it yet. Until next time then. Ja ne~

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 8)

OMG. I am so sorry you guys. I have been so busy with school work and stuff that I was not able to write about the stuff I had last week and Episode 9 will be delayed as well. 

I did manage to finish up some stuff. I just did not have the time and energy to write them. I am still recovering from the extremely tiring work I did for the department event we had last Wednesday. I got tired, but it was a lot of fun. It’s not Otaku related though. I kind of wished it was. Then I would not really mind being a slave. LOL

This week’s stuff:

1. MANGA: Fruits Basket

2. JDRAMA: Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta

3. ANIME: Fairy Tail (episodes 48 onwards)

4. SONG/VIDEO: Season – Dream Live 3 (Tenimyu) by Hyotei Gakuen Actors


I finally gave up on Vampire Knight. I guess it’s really a great manga, but the scanlations were so bad, I could not understand a thing. If you guys know of better scanlations than what realitylapse provide, please let me know. The good news though is that I finally resolved myself to download the Vampire Knight series. That is, when I finished downloading 120 episodes of Fairy Tail (don’t worry, I have to download about 5-6 episodes more)

Image from

I love Fruits Basket! I loved the original anime when it was shown in the Philippines a few years back. I never got the chance to finish it though because the channel decided to stop airing it about halfway through. 

I love the manga, and I have been reading this for weeks now. There’s not a lot – about 26 volumes in all, but knowing the TV hoarder that I am, I have no choice but to set aside the littlest amount of time for manga. I can pretty much finish an 11-episode Jdrama in two day’s time (which in actuality is around 5-8 hours only, coz I skip the opening songs and whatnot), so I don’t have as much for mangas lately. That’s about to change next week, since I am almost done with all 120 episodes of Fairy Tail available. And yes, I did not just download them, I watched them all. 

Anyway, this manga is Shoujo. It’s absolutely interesting! The story is about Tohru, a girl whose mom died so she was looking for a place to stay. At first she camps out the woods. Because of an earthquake/landslide incidence, the Souma family who owns the forest land, decided to adopt her. But there’s a problem. Men in the Souma family (well, most of them at least) are under the zodiac curse. When women hug them, they turn into their zodiac animal counterparts. 

Even if I haven’t finished the entirety of the manga, I know this is just going to be great. 

THE VERDICT: Highly recommended


Image from!

 Nakama Yukie is one of my favorite actresses. If you are a fan of mainstream Jdramasa, you would recognize her as the lead in the Gokusen series. I’ve seen her Ring-O: Birthday as well where she played Sadako, and she’s a very well-rounded actress I think.

In this story, she plays Kimiko Makimura, later Kimiko Yamamoto, a girl who married Isojirou Yamamoto. She was brought to the house of Yamamoto where she is surprised about a lot of Japanese traditions she had to encounter. Above all that, her mother in law is very misunderstanding. She does not understand that Kimiko hates their traditions and way of life, and thinks of it as a way of Kimiko trying her best to learn their ways. Kimiko also does not notice, but even if she hated the traditions, she enjoyed being in the company of family.

THE VERDICT: I’ll tell you in Episode 9. This is a beautiful Jdrama though. If you want to learn more about traditional marriage arrangements as well as other common traditions in Japan, you would learn a lot from this drama.


What can I say? Fairy Tail is my favorite drama this week, last week, and probably for another month. I even took screenshots while watching. I’m thinking of compiling them into an album. What do you guys think?

THE VERDICT: Recommended to the Infinite-st level!


Although it’s not the anime version, I really love this song from the live action version of Prince of Tennis. There’s about 7 Dream Live Concerts, and this is the only one I watched. Anyway, this has the best actors in all Dream Live Concerts because the characters were really portrayed well.

I don’t think anyone is allowed to play Atobe other than Kazuki-kun.

This song is very beautiful. Suteki~

THE VERDICT: Love it. Absolutely. The other songs from Hyotei are absolutely amazing as well!

That’s it for Episode 8. Please watch out for Episode 9 tomorrow and Episode 10 sometime next week. I will do my best to catch up to all writing. Please watch out because I will try to be really active this week.

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 7)

I did have a lot of time on my hands this week, but I guess this week was marked by missing a lot of Otaku activities because I had to process a lot of stuff over the last few days. If you guys did not know, I have been completing my application for my Master’s next year, so even if the application procedure is quite simple, it did require me to do a lot things so I was really busy (even busier than I was last week) this week. Nonetheless, I did manage to finish up some cool stuff this week.

1. MANGA: Vampire Knight

2. JDRAMA: First Kiss

3. ANIME: Fairy Tail (Episodes 1-50)

4. SONG/VIDEO: Kimi Ga Iru Kara by Shimokawa Mikuni  (Fairy Tail Ending)


Image from

So I had Vampire Knights again this week. In fact, I am not even sure how many volumes I read. With the little time that I had I must’ve read only about 1 to 2 volumes of the manga. I know I promised a verdict as soon as I finished it but I found it quite hard to insert reading on a tight schedule this week. However, I do know that I am very neutral about the manga. I kind of like it better than Twilight, but no more than so.

I don’t like the very slow pacing and the very dramatic setup. I also dislike the fact that the story can be quite confusing and I don’t know if it’s the subber’s fault, but I am really confused with all the secrets and stuff. The story line however (the very foundation of the plot of the manga) is quite interesting, which is the very reason why I don’t totally hate the manga just yet. But I don’t know. I still have some chapters to see. One more thing too, I really love the way it is drawn. It’s very Tsubasa Chronicle-ish and  xxxHolic-ish, which are both from CLAMP. However, the manga itself is in no way affiliated to CLAMP (4 Japanese women manga artists who created Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer, Chobits, etc).

MY VERDICT FOR NOW: I will really have to see whether this is a good read or not before I recommend it to you guys. But judging from the hype I get about the anime, I think the anime would be good. Will watch them too as soon as I finish downloading all the Fairy Tail Episodes I could get my hands into. 


Image from

I did manage to finish an entire Jdrama this week. The title is First Kiss. I was attracted to it because of the lead character being played by Inoue Mao. Inoue Mao played Tsukushi Makino is Hana Yori Dango (aka Boys Over Flowers or Meteor Garden), and I loved her there, so I thought I might love First Kiss. 

The drama is definitely not my favorite, but Inoue Mao’s acting is so great here. Her pure, innocent character in HYD was replaced by a bratty, devilish character in First Kiss. It was a totally different but she played it so well. It was a mark of her versatility as an actress, so I was really impressed.

The story itself is not ordinary, but it’s not that interesting. The story is about Mio (Inoue Mao) who lived in America for 10 years because of her heart condition. One day, the doctors said that they could finally treat her illness, but the operation would have a 50-50 chance of being successful or not. So, Mio decided to ask the doctors to allow her to leave for Japan and stay there for the summer. She wanted to be with her older brother who she hasn’t seen since she flew to the US. 

When she was in Japan, she encouraged her brother to love photography again (which he fell in love with because of his picture experience when he and Mio were young), fell in love with a doctor, and influenced a lot people.

The ending was unsatisfactory though.

THE VERDICT: I recommend it to you guys if you’re okay with Shoujo stories. However, this is not an addicting drama, so I guess you can skip this one.

SIDE NOTE: I also watched this because of the doctor. He is so cute. On the picture, he’s the guy with the blue background down below.


Image from

This week, I re-fired my love for Fairy Tail. I have watched a few episodes of the anime before, and I totally love the story line. So, I decided to download the entire Fairy Tail Collection, which is kind of impossible because the anime is on-going.

Anyways, I love love love Fairy Tail. This is so far my favorite anime of the year. I was also thinking about downloading the manga. It won manga awards so I guess it should be pretty great. I am still thinking about getting Naruto and Bleach, but man, there’s like a lot of chapters so I guess I might postpone that for now. Or better yet, I’ll start downloading them, and read them when I already have a lot. 

Anyway, Fairy Tail is about magic and adventure, something to the likes of Rave Master (which is from the same creator) or One Piece. It’s really cool since you get to see different types of magic. I love the idea of a guild for magicians. Of course, the humor of the anime also appeals to me a lot. I love anything that could make me laugh.


I love this song. It’s light and dreamy. I am currently memorizing the song. It has been on replay for days now. 

That’s it for this week’s Episode of Otaku Girl. If there’s an anime, manga, song or Jdrama that you can recommend for me or you request me to look over and do a review on, please let me know by leaving a comment below. You can also tweet and facebook me. All links on the side.

See you guys next week.

Andy-chan :3

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