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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 5)

Oh my God. I have been doing this for more than five weeks now. It seems like I have gone through a lot of mangas, anime, Jrdamas and songs for the past 5 weeks. In fact, I haven’t even finished watching some of the anime I started and I keep skipping to a new one as soon as I read a good review about it. Anyway, thanks for sticking by my blog to see what awesomeness Japan has to offer.

Here’s the stuff for this week.

1. MANGA: Daa Daa Daa

2. JDRAMA: Kurosagi

3. ANIME: Nurarihyon no Mago

4. SONG/VIDEO: Rolling Star – Yui (Bleach)


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Daa Daa Daa is also known as UFO Baby. I watched the anime version as a child, but I did not have the chance to actually finish it, so when I saw that there’s a manga version, I did not hesitate to read it. I can’t say much yet because I have just read a few chapters, but I think this baby is going to be totally awesome. The reason why I was so into Beelzebub is because I loved this anime first.

The story is about two students. Miyu was left by her parent to the care of Kanata’s family because her parents had to go to NASA to do research. Kanata’s dad had to leave urgently because he had to go to a special monk training. One day a UFO crashes in their house. The baby and his sitter stays on earth until they can repair the ship. To make things worse, the baby starts calling them mom and dad.

THE VERDICT: Love this! But I think I love Beelzebub more now. It is more eerie and evil. (The more dark, mysterious and evil it is, the more I like it).


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I finished 11 45-minute episodes in two nights. That’s how great it is. I also discovered the great acting of Yamapi-kun (main character) and next to Daito Shunsuke who played Kyouya in the live action of Ouran High School Host club, Yamapi-kun (full name Tomohisa Yamashita) is my favorite. He’s a really great actor. He captured the character of Kurosagi really well.

Kurosagi (The Black Swindler) is a story about Kurosaki, a guy who swindles from swindlers. According to the story, there are three types of swindlers: Shirosagi (white swindlers), or people who swindle money through business scams and stuff, Akasagi (red swindlers) or people who use feelings to swindle, and Kurosagi, who feeds on Shirosagi and Akasagi. When he was 15, Kurosaki’s father was swindled by a Shirosagi, and he murdered his family and committed suicide. However, Kurosaki survived. He then went to Katsuragi, a guy who sells information and swindling plans, more commonly termed as a “fixer”. Kurosaki’s aim is to finish off Katsuragi, but in order to do so, he needs experience in swindling from Shirosagi and Akasagi, so for now, he uses Katsuragi as a stepping block.

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I can’t say whether there’s a big difference from the manga to the live action, because I haven’t really finished the manga yet, but I can definitely say that even if it does not live up exactly to its manga version, this is still one awesome Jdrama. Also in this drama, you would find Hirokita Maki, the girl who played main lead in the Japanese version of Hana Kimi. I wasn’t really able to follow that certain Jdrama, but I have seen Maki-chan in many other Jdramas and movies and she’s one of the best actresses in Japan.

THE VERDICT: I totally recommend this baby to you too! I will be featuring the movie version in next week’s episode. I have yet to start watching it, but I think it’s going to be totally awesome too.

Side note: BTW, if you’re wondering where I have been watching or downloading all the Jdrama and anime, I will be featuring the websites this week in an Anything Asian edition. Watch out for that. You can also check out the links on the very bottom of this blog page. 


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I haven’t finished Sorcerer Hunters yet, but I haven’t finished downloading all the episodes, so I can’t really finish them yet. I might try this week, but for now, I am addicted to Nurarihyon no Mago.

I first watched this at Animax last year, but I was unable to follow it, due to the crazy airing time (11PM, Thursdays, WTH?) and I can’t seem to catch the weekend replay versions, so when I found out that I can watch this by downloading, I immediately downloaded and watched. I finished around 12 episodes last night and I am still downloading the rest of the 26 episodes of Season 1. Yep, there is still a season 2, so I will definitely look for that as well.

Image from

If you guys didn’t know, Nurarihyon no Mago is an anime based on the manga (I just found that out now too) of the same title. It is a story of Rikuo Nura, the third generation candidate to handle the Nura clan. Rikuo is human, but he inherited from his grandfather, the Supreme Commander of the Yokai, a quarter of Yokai blood. Every night, especially when provoked by an injustice especially towards his clan members, he transforms into his Yokai self – a more mature and more powerful version of himself.

This anime is totally awesome, especially because I have a bias towards characters in ancient Japanese clothes, and with white hair too. White haired guys with reddish eyes are totally evil, and I love them.

THE VERDICT: Highly recommended. It is fairly new, and the story is pretty interesting. Kind of in the likes of Samurai X.


I still watch Bleach at Animax these days and I love the new opening song. This video is the live version, and it is not so different from the non-live version. Yui-chan is simply awesome, I guess.

I have heard this song before and even watched the official MV, which unfortunately for me, is not on Youtube anymore. I love Yui, and there are many anime songs which Yui sang, and I love many of them. She sang the first opening for Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and it is an awesome song.

I love the fact that this song is appropriate for Bleach. It is so cool, and it suits the coolness of all the Bleach characters, especially Ishida ♥!


That’s it for this week’s episode. Check out the new menu named Otaku where you would find the links to all the episodes of this project, along with a short detail of all the stuff there is in each episode.

Catch you guys later!

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 4)

Sorry if I posted this late. I did have stuff for this week, but I was kind of sick and I kept delaying my post.

Stuff this week:

1. MANGA: Kurosagi

2. JDRAMA: Nodame Cantabile

3. ANIME: Sorcerer Hunters

4. SONG/VIDEO: Mask by Masami Okui and Kasumi Matsumura


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I wasn’t really crazy about Kurosagi but it’s a pretty good read this week. Kurosagi is about a swindler who swindles from fellow swindlers. He’s like a knight in shining armor for people who had been fooled by swindlers.

THE VERDICT: It’s okay. I’m not crazy about it, but I guess I’ll try obsessing about it more this week.

SIDE NOTE: It has a movie! With Horikita Maki! I’m seriously going to look for this movie. It has like two movies. And the guy looks like Kim Hyun Joong of SS501.


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I love classical music, and so Nodame Cantabile became one of my favorite Jdramas ever. The anime version is longer then the live action drama, but I love the live action better because it feels a lot more real, and it’s definitely cuter.

THE VERDICT: Yes! Watch this! You don’t want to miss this really funny live action. It is absolutely funny and not boring at all!


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Sorcerer Hunters is like a blast from the past. I watched it when I was like 7 or 8 and that’s during the 90s. I love 90s classics. Sorcerer Hunters is a story about five magicians who travel around to solve mysterious magic problems.

Their names are plays on food – desserts actually. Carrot Glace, Marron Glace, Gatuea Mocha, Tira Misu, Chocolate Misu.

My favorite character is Tira Misu. She’s this girl with long pink hair and looks very dorky with her big glasses, but transforms into this very sexy lady when she shows her magic.

THE VERDICT: Highly recommended. Especially if you love the 90s anime. Love it!


Because I had been watching Sorcerer Hunters, I love this ending song. It’s absolutely genius and I play it over and over again, my sister and brother is so mad.

THE VERDICT: I love this song. I am actually looking for more songs from the two singers who sang this song.

That’s it for this week! See you guys next week.

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 3)

Episode 1 (here

Episode 2 (here)

Hi people! It’s been a battle for me this past week. I have been a little busy with life and stuff, and I had a sudden gathering with friends that left me feeling woozy today, but I will try my best to finish this post!

This week’s stuff:

1. MANGA: Wish, Watashi no Ookami-san, Gakkou no Ojikan 

2. DRAMA: Jigoku Shoujo Live Action

3. ANIME: Ouran High School Host Club, Beelzebub, Bleach Season 2,

4. SONG/VIDEO: Dadada (Group Tamashii)


You guys know I go overboard. I tried reading short mangas this week, but I failed and ended up reading three mangas. Two of them I haven’t finished, the other one I finished in one sitting.

Image from

Wish is a manga from CLAMP (makers of Card Captor Sakura, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles and such). The story is about the angel Kohaku who went to earth to search for the wind archangel Hisui. Kohaku was saved by Suichirou Kudou from a cat who attacked her. She wanted to grant him a wish, but being a successful doctor with everything he needed, he did not have any wish. The story has great twists and interesting characters, and I like this best for its emotional and humorous mix.


Image from

I thought I downloaded a complete version of the manga, but I didn’t and so I am not done with this one yet. This one I highly recommend for people who like RPG and comedy, because it feels just like it when I read this.

The story is about Komomo, a hero with a Level 0 rank. She wants to build a dream house, and that is the reason why she travels to save towns in order to earn money. The demon king, Subaru, quit his demon king duties because he wants to be with Komomo, whom he admits he fell in love with.


Image from

The manga is on-going so I couldn’t say whether I like the ending or not. Nonetheless, I love this manga. This made me “eeek!!”, “awwww”, “WTH?”, “OMG! OMG! OMG!” and all that excitement phrases I use. This falls under school life romance category, and the twists are really interesting. This made me smile like an idiot while reading.


Total Manga Volumes Read This Week: 13 volumes


Image from

Two words: Kazuki Kato. The guy on the farthest left is the reason why I downloaded the drama. If you check Episode 1 of this Project, I already featured Kazuki-kun in the Song/Video part. He’s not only an amazing singer, he’s a really cute actor as well! OMG. Isn’t he just the most perfect person in this world for me?

(*after about 20 minutes of fangirling and daydreaming*)

Anyways, I love the live action. I don’t love the editing of the video, and I don’t love it as much as the anime, but the anime is a fantasy anime, and the people behind the live action did their job pretty decently by selecting good actors and keeping things as close to what the anime should have been.



I still have the usual Beelzebub, Bleach Season 2 on Animax, and I decided to go have some Ouran on the side. No need to do reviews here, since you guys already know what these animes are.



I am still obsessed with last week’s Movin’ and I sing it like crazy everyday, but I also love this first opening from Beelzebub. The song’s called Dadada by Group Tamashii. I love this song to bits because it sort of has the rock in it, and the video corresponding the opening in the anime suits the song really well. GYAH!!!

That’s it for this week’s Episode. If you’d like to learn more about the stuff I read, watch or listen, please follow me on Twitter @theworriedbunny and please be so kind to like the official Facebook page of this blog. 

Catch you guys later!

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 1)

If you did not know the rules of this project, you may refer to this post here.

For Episode 1, here are the things I got:

1. Alice 19th (Manga)

2. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Live Action (JDrama)

3. Beelzebub (Anime)

4. Easy Go – Kazuki Kato (anime song from Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Shall we start?



Image from

The manga has a total of seven volumes, and I finished reading all of it in a span of four to five hours (That’s how persistent I am, lol). I loved the story of the manga. It’s not a really big manga, and it is very shoujo (anything appealing to or leaning towards girls), but the simplicity of the story as well as the drawing was fantastic! Hooray for the manga this episode!

The story is about Alice Seno, who saved a magical rabbit. She was given a bracelet and was told that she is a Lotis master-to-be. Lotis is a powerful magical art where the words you say have a very deep magic. There are 24 words in all, and even if you know them, you cannot just use them. You have to master how to use them along with your emotions as well.

Alice has a sister, Mayura, and they both fell in love with Kyou Wakamiya. Mayura however, confessed to Kyou ahead of Alice. As Mayura realized Alice feelings for Kyou, she tried confronting Alice, and when she does, Alice wished that her sister would disappear. Her sister was swallowed by the Mara (opposite of Lotis). She must now journey to the inner heart to save her sister, as well as people around her who are affected by the Mara. She is helped by the Lotis guardian Furei who is from Norway and Christopher William Roland who is from Great Britain. In the process, Kyou also becomes a Lotis master.

Mayura is possessed by Daruba, and only the secret words can save her. No one in the Lotis group know the secret words, but Alice, through her love for her sister and her courage, find out what they are. In the end, it’s all bright and happy.

The manga is average, but the story is quite good, and it has that mythological feel in it, which I absolutely love, as I am a fan of mythologies. As I was reading, I was reminded of Rick Riordan and his works, especially the Kane Chronicles.

Some of the graphics were quite confusing, and even the story became confusing at some point for me, but I think that’s because of the words I did not really understand, and the fact that I rushed into the entire volume in one go.

THE VERDICT: Recommended


Image from

I loved the anime version, so I knew I would absolutely love the live action! Plus, it has Kamenashi Kazuya, one of the best actors in Japan, so I knew it would be great. Not disappointed at all, though I had to spend long nights in watching the video, and I was so sleepy the next few days.

If you guys did not know, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is a story of four handsome boys living in a mansion. They are actually renting the place. The owner of the mansion gave them a task of transforming her niece, Sunako Nakahara into a lady, and in return, they would get free rent. The transformation seemed impossible, because Sunako is drawn to dark things like skulls, dead creatures and blood. She is just creepy. In the process of transforming her into a lady, one of the guys fall in love with her. Guess who played that guy? Yup Kazuya-kun!

I love the live action, and this in fact, inspired me to do this project. I watch a lot of Korean dramas, but I love the more exaggerated features of a Japanese drama, and because I found my spark again, I probably would put off the list of Korean dramas I would be watching.



Image from

OMG, this is my top anime favorite for 2011. The episodes ended on Animax last Wednesday, but the anime is not yet done, so I wanted to know what would happen next, but I might wait for Animax to air Season 2, but I am not really counting on it since Animax also stopped airing Fairy Tail, which has about 100+ episode now, and they stopped around the 50th ep.

I found a site where I can download all the anime I want though, and I am going to download the coming episodes of Beelzebub and of Fairy Tail as well.

This is a comedy anime. What attracted me most was the baby, Berubo, who is just so cute, and the story is so interesting. I am currently hunting down a manga version of the anime (if there ever is one). I will let you guys know if I get to read anything like that.



Image from

I love, love, love Kazuki Kato, and it is impossible to hate any song of his especially with the voice he has.

The song Easy Go is the third [?] sixth[?] not really sure opening song of the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Here’s the official music video

And here’s the Katekyo Hitman Reborn version

I have never seen the original MV until now, but Kato looks hot as expected so it’s not really surprising to me. I have been following this artist for more than two years now, and I first encountered him in the Prince of Tennis Live Action Concert a.k.a. Dream Live 3. I am a huge fan of his character Atobe, and his portrayal was so close, I fell in love with his talent!

Anyhoo, I have been listening to him and girl band Scandal mostly these days. I will do a full feature in Featured Asian when I have the time soon.

THE VERDICT: RECOMMENDED. I actually recommend his other songs more. I love his ballads, as it exposes his full talent more. He is one of the top singers in Japan, and his songs rank high in the Oricon charts so def check him out!

That’s it for this ep! I am so excited for ep 2, and I am now scouting for what I would feature next week!  I think I might finish another manga, but I don’t think I would finish any anime or Jdrama soon. Yay! Yay! Yay!

Catch you guys later!

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Project 52: Otaku Girl

Hey guys. I am so sorry I have been MIA lately. School just got back and I was not prepared for it. I had to rush all the lessons that I needed to teach.

Anyways, another reason for me not really posting lately is that I have been searching for something worthwhile doing this year. So, I decided to unleash the inner otaku in me. I was looking for something that I could do every week so that in one year, I can look back and say I accomplished so much in this part of my life. It’s nothing serious. I just want more chapters in my kind of boring life.

Finally, I found what I want to do for 52 weeks. I wanted to be an Anime fan! These are the rules for Project 52: Otaku Girl:

1. Read a minimum of six volumes of manga per week.

2. Blog about the read manga volumes. 

3. Watch 2 episodes of Anime per week.

4. Blog about the watched Anime when it is done.

5. Watch two episodes of a live action drama or Jdrama per week. 

6. Blog about the live action drama or Jdrama when the entire series is done.

7. Look for one anime-related or J-drama video or song.

8. Blog about the video or song.

9. Blog posts would be every Sunday or Monday.

So those are the rules. They sound like they are a lot of work, but considering the amount of time I spend on the internet, I do not think this is impossible. In fact, this week alone, I finished a 7-volume manga, ten 1-hour episodes of a drama, watched anime all day (Saturday), and listened to so many Anime songs that I lost count. And I did all this even with the busy schedule at school. 

I hope you guys can share with me what you are planning to do this year. I am planning on branching out to other countries in Asia in my following posts, so don’t think that I will be focusing on my Anime fantasies. Watch out for an Indian recipe this week and an edition of Project 52: Otaku Girl tomorrow. Hope you guys are doing well. 

Love lots,

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