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By Episode: Kamisama Haijimemashita (Episode 3)


Nanami continues to learn how to be a deity. She receives a message that the Priestess of the Lake wants to meet her. At first, Tomoe receives them and asks Nanami to not show herself, but when the Priestess’ familiar becomes violent, she suddenly shows herself. She learns that she can make Tomoe obedient to her orders through her words.


Surprisingly, the Priestess speaks and asks the help of Nanami for a love story to form. Although it is an impossible request since the Priestess asks to be tied to a human, Nanami accepts the request.

Tomoe and Nanami looks for the Priestess’ love, Urashima Koutarou and reunites her with him. They even help when the Priestess is being bullied by guys.


This episode is interesting, but I still like episode 2 better. There are things that have been discovered in the episode though like the fact that Nanami’s words affect Tomoe the most. I like the fact that Nanami’s clothing also changed a lot in this episode. She’s so stylish! The funny scenes were also cute. I am beginning to wonder whether Tomoe is an S character. He seems liking tormenting people. I think I like him. Weee~

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Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 2)


Nanami learns more of the Earth Deity’s duties under Tomoe’s assistance. Tomoe is still pissed off about being forced to be her familiar, but he accepts the job.

Nanami wants to go back to school after hearing the Kurama Shinjirou, a big idol, is coming to school. At first Tomoe does not allow her, explaining that demons are after her Earth Deity seal, but allows her under the condition that she wears an embarrassing hat in order to protect her seal. After learning that Kurama is a bullying jerk, Tomoe bullies her even more. Kurama tries to frame her for stealing his 30,000 yen, Tomoe comes with a lunch feast, saving her.


Kurama is revealed as a Crow Goblin who wants Nanami’s seal and Tomoe transforms him into an ostrich and almost kills him. Nanami saves Kurama and Kurama sorts of likes Nanami although nothing has been said at all.


Gawd, I like this episode! It’s so heart-warming. Tomoe protecting Nanami, a dark idol actually a yokai, and Nanami’s kindness emanating through the episode. I am falling more in love with the graphics with each episode. The story is also progressing really well and there’s an air of mystery. Why did Mikage choose Nanami? Why did Mikage give up the seal? I am so looking forward to the next episode! See you guys in the next episode!

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Andy :3

By Episode: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Episode 1)


Nanami gets the Earth Deity symbol from Mikage, the original Earth Deity. Thinking that the man directed her to the temple to give her a place to live, she went there. She was then informed that she inherited the position as Earth Deity.

She meets Tomoe, the Earth Deity’s familiar (he’s a fox). Nanami finds Tomoe rude and argues with him a lot. Tomoe feels remorse towards Nanami, and he does not want to accept the new master.


Nanami is a very kind girl and so she wanted to settle Tomoe and her differences. So, she asked her helpers to take her to the other world where Tomoe resides for the moment. A hag follows Nanami and decides to eat her, and in the moment, Nanami caught hold of Tomoe to kiss him. Since kissing meant that Tomoe would be Nanami’s familiar, she orders him to save her.


What a very good way to start a series right? The story is very interesting. I cannot imagine not wanting to be a god even for just a day. The Earth Diety is supposedly a helper of romantic relationships. I think Nanami’s kindness would suit the role best.

As far as graphics is concerned, I think KamiHaji has really good graphics. In fact, out of all the fall releases, KamiHaji’s graphics is the one I fell in love the most! The story is very interesting too and the characters are developing really well. I am looking forward to seeing the other episodes!  See you guys in the next episode!

Please see other episode reviews in the by episode page.

Andy :3

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