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Review: Samurai X Live Action Movie (Rurouni Kenshin)

I watched Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie last Wednesday. I couldn’t sleep well the day before and I have been raving about watching it on the opening day. I was so happy that SM Cinema decided to disperse the showing through most of the cinemas in the Philippines.

Anyways, I got to the mall really early. The movie is to start at 1PM and I got there around 11AM. Thinking that it would be too much of a big hit (it is a pretty popular anime in the Philippines), I decided to visit the cinema early and buy the ticket. I was denied by the sales person.  (✖╭╮✖) She said she’d sell at 12:30. I really did come back at 12:30.

I really loved this live action movie! I had high hopes about it because the trailer is really exciting! I was not disappointed at all. I was literally on the edge of my seat while watching. Thrilling sword fights, creative word play and clever camera work are some of the things you can expect the movie. For me, the best thing about the live action movie is the casting. I couldn’t put it any better, but whoever the casting director is, he/she must know and love Rurouni Kenshin to death!

Takeru Satoh was casted as Kenshin Himura. I couldn’t possibly select anyone more suitable for Kenshin. He has a subtle humorous personality, and his smile is amazing. Plus, in certain angles he looks like Kamenashi Kazuya-kun. I really loved his acting as well. He’s such a natural. And he’s so cute! Kyaaa!~  (*≧▽≦)

Emi Takei takes on the role of Kaoru Kamiya. I’m not sure she got Kaoru’s strong-willed personality the best, but Kaoru is kind-hearted and pretty and she expresses both gracefully.

Taketo Tanaka acts as Yahiko Myojin. Out of all the cast, this is one I’m disappointed with. Yahiko is extremely pushy and annoying, and this kid isn’t. Maybe he needs more screen time?

Munetaka Aoki plays Sanosuke Sagara. Sugoi! He’s really great! I think he got the headstrong Sanada really well! I also think he really trained for the look as he’s so muscular during the film (which is one of the features of a street fighter). He also handled Sanada’s weapon really well.

Yu Aoi plays Megumi Takani. Among the casts, I think she is the most suited to her character. She plays flirty and carefree but caring and worried about life. She’s extremely pretty (and Megumi is really pretty) and she acts really well!

Yosuke Eguchi plays Hajime Saito. Although in the anime, he appeared later on, he had a lot of screen time in the live action.

Koji Kikkawa plays Udo Jine. He’s a really great actor and his scenes with Takeru-san are so intense. Out of all the actors who played villain, he’s the one I most anticipated. He played the bloodthirsty Jine really well.

All in all, I highly recommend you watch this movie. I don’t think there is a single boring second in the movie. Rumors stated that there is set to be a second movie, and I am fervently hoping there would be! I hope they would get to use the Shishio arc!

I highly recommend this movie to you guys. If it is available in your country, you should definitely watch it on the big screen. There is also a blu-ray DVD release no later than the end of this year too. I am looking to buy the original dvd rather than just download.

Until next movie.

Andy :3

P.S. Watch out for Otaku Girl Episode 13 this weekend. 


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