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Movie Review: Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru

Last week, I blogged about how I am loving Ai Otsuka’s song here. The source of this love is because I watched the movie Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. 


Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (Just loving You/Heavenly Forest) is a 2006 movie. Originally it was a manga (very short; highly recommend it!), but it was turned into a movie. 

I love the casting of this movie. Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile) played Makoto, an introvert. Shiruzu was played by Miyazaki Aoi (Nana). They played the parts so well, especially Aoi-chan!

The movie tells the story of how Makoto and Shizuru became friends. Shizuru was extremely childish but interesting. She was short and only ate doughnut biscuits. She’s like an elementary school kid. She kind of forced Makoto to become her friend. They discover a beautiful forest. Makoto, who loved photography, decided to practice taking pictures. Shizuru becomes interested in photography too and asks Makoto to teach her.


Makoto realizes he likes Miyuki (Kuroki Meisa). Realizing this, Shizuru helps Makoto get closer to her, even though she loves Makoto too. One day, Shizuru decides to enter a photography contest and asks for Makoto’s help. The shot she wanted to create was a kiss in the Heavenly Forest. Makoto agrees to do it. After they got the shot, Shizuru disappears.


After two years, Makoto was contacted by Shizuru who was now working as a photographer in New York City. Makoto comes, but finds out that Shizuru has already died. She died of a genetic disease that develops as her body matures. Shizuru, wanting to be a lady Makoto acknowledges, did her best to be a beautiful lady. The scene ended with Makoto witnessing Shizuru’s exhibition, where he finds a lot of his stolen photos, the kissing scene photo and a big picture of Shizuru all grown-up and beautiful. 



WARNING: This story is a tear-jerker!

I love the actor’s acting, especially since I have seen both actors in movie roles completely different from this one. Tamaki-kun was so cute as a clueless guy here and Aoi-san is just so cute, I want to bring her home and pet her!

The movie pretty much adhered to the manga, with a few added scenes. It’s pretty much the kind of romantic movie the Japanese creates – emotional and powerful.

Have you guys seen this movie? You are seriously missing out if you haven’t! 

Review: Samurai X Live Action Movie (Rurouni Kenshin)

I watched Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie last Wednesday. I couldn’t sleep well the day before and I have been raving about watching it on the opening day. I was so happy that SM Cinema decided to disperse the showing through most of the cinemas in the Philippines.

Anyways, I got to the mall really early. The movie is to start at 1PM and I got there around 11AM. Thinking that it would be too much of a big hit (it is a pretty popular anime in the Philippines), I decided to visit the cinema early and buy the ticket. I was denied by the sales person.  (✖╭╮✖) She said she’d sell at 12:30. I really did come back at 12:30.

I really loved this live action movie! I had high hopes about it because the trailer is really exciting! I was not disappointed at all. I was literally on the edge of my seat while watching. Thrilling sword fights, creative word play and clever camera work are some of the things you can expect the movie. For me, the best thing about the live action movie is the casting. I couldn’t put it any better, but whoever the casting director is, he/she must know and love Rurouni Kenshin to death!

Takeru Satoh was casted as Kenshin Himura. I couldn’t possibly select anyone more suitable for Kenshin. He has a subtle humorous personality, and his smile is amazing. Plus, in certain angles he looks like Kamenashi Kazuya-kun. I really loved his acting as well. He’s such a natural. And he’s so cute! Kyaaa!~  (*≧▽≦)

Emi Takei takes on the role of Kaoru Kamiya. I’m not sure she got Kaoru’s strong-willed personality the best, but Kaoru is kind-hearted and pretty and she expresses both gracefully.

Taketo Tanaka acts as Yahiko Myojin. Out of all the cast, this is one I’m disappointed with. Yahiko is extremely pushy and annoying, and this kid isn’t. Maybe he needs more screen time?

Munetaka Aoki plays Sanosuke Sagara. Sugoi! He’s really great! I think he got the headstrong Sanada really well! I also think he really trained for the look as he’s so muscular during the film (which is one of the features of a street fighter). He also handled Sanada’s weapon really well.

Yu Aoi plays Megumi Takani. Among the casts, I think she is the most suited to her character. She plays flirty and carefree but caring and worried about life. She’s extremely pretty (and Megumi is really pretty) and she acts really well!

Yosuke Eguchi plays Hajime Saito. Although in the anime, he appeared later on, he had a lot of screen time in the live action.

Koji Kikkawa plays Udo Jine. He’s a really great actor and his scenes with Takeru-san are so intense. Out of all the actors who played villain, he’s the one I most anticipated. He played the bloodthirsty Jine really well.

All in all, I highly recommend you watch this movie. I don’t think there is a single boring second in the movie. Rumors stated that there is set to be a second movie, and I am fervently hoping there would be! I hope they would get to use the Shishio arc!

I highly recommend this movie to you guys. If it is available in your country, you should definitely watch it on the big screen. There is also a blu-ray DVD release no later than the end of this year too. I am looking to buy the original dvd rather than just download.

Until next movie.

Andy :3

P.S. Watch out for Otaku Girl Episode 13 this weekend. 


Otaku Girl: Episode 12

Ohisashiburi desu ne? I realize it’s been months since the last episode. What was originally meant to be 52 episodes has not barely even touched half. Really sorry about this guys. I guess I was too focused on watching and reading that I totally forgot (okay I was lazy) about blogging. I will try to work harder. Anyway, here’s a list of the materials for episode 12.

Manga: Paradise Kiss

Anime: Chihayafuru

Drama: Paradise Kiss the Movie

Music: Kiyoharu’s Ryusei (whole album review)


First up is manga. In today’s manga feature, we have Paradise Kiss. I really enjoyed this manga. I read it in a day. Although I was really busy with work, I still finished ParaKiss. I was initially interested in this because of the movie. The movie featured the actor Osamu Mukai (George) whose acting I really enjoy. This manga is created by Ai Yazawa.



The story centers around Yukari, a high school girl who has followed all of her parent’s wishes to study hard. Whenever she misses a perfect score or a high grade, her mother becomes really disappointed (and that becomes her complex). One day, she was invited by Paradise Kiss, a group of four seniors at the Yaza Arts School to be their model for the senior’s recital. They’re actually student designers!

As Yukari agrees to it, she discovers what she wants in life. The love story centers around Yukari and George Koizumi, the main designer of ParaKiss. Yukari finds George attractive and mysterious and so she develops feelings for him. George finds Yukari troublesome and mysterious as well, and he develops feelings for her.


Although I liked the manga a lot because of its intricate design and superb story line, I was really bummed with the ending. I watched the movie first and was expecting the same story line with the happy ending. The ending is quite sad although I do think that it’s closer to what would’ve happened in real life.

THE VERDICT: I recommend this manga to people who like shoujo mangas. I also recommend it to those who like really well-detailed graphics. I don’t recommend this to innocent people who are unaware of the word SEX in this world. There are many obscene scenes and there’s even a scene of a girl’s first time. (I was quite shocked myself, since I don’t read ecchi).



Next up is Chihayafuru. I really really like this anime! I am quite impatient with on-going anime, but this one had one season done. I’ll do a review on the second season once it airs on January 2013!


The story is about karuta, a Japanese game about one hundred poems. Now, not knowing the Japanese culture is quite disadvantageous for watchers of this anime, but I still liked it nonetheless. The poems are by a hundred poets and they are traditional poems memorized by elementary school children. In karuta, the parts of the poems are written on cards and placed down. The aim is to outrun the opponent in touching the card when the first verse of the poem is read.

The story centers around Chihaya. When she was young, she discovered a classmate, Arata, who had the makings of a karuta master. After playing the game with him, she became passionate about playing karuta as well. Arata moved to Fukui and at the death of his grandfather (a karuta master himself), Arata stopped playing.

Chihaya wanted to convince Arata to play again so she takes childhood friend (and a rival of Arata for Chihaya’s affection)  Taichi to form a karuta club in their school. They go through several competitions with the other members.


The graphics are extremely nice (+ there’s Arata who wear glasses [i’m sort of a megane fangirl]). I really like the cute scenes as well. I was disappointed with the hanging ending, but since there’s a second season, I’ll have to wait for the results. As of press time, the manga version is on-going.

THE VERDICT: I highly recommend this manga if you want to learn more about traditional games in Japan. It’s not boring and the romantic element to the story is sorta exciting. I don’t normally like sports-related anime, but Chihayafuru is so addicting, I finished the 25 episodes in 2 (working) days.


Up next is Paradise Kiss the Movie. I discussed the manga, so might as well discuss where my ParaKiss addiction began.

The movie is totally different from the manga. It has the same basic story line of Yukari being obsessed with studies and being recruited by ParaKiss to model for the senior recital. There were many parts however that were changed.

 Primarily, this movie could’ve been viewed by any teenager or even a kid, while the manga has an R-18 restriction due to the sensitive scenes. The movie, however, had very little of this.

I don’t think they made an absolutely bad choice for casting. However, there were several actors in the movie I didn’t like.

George was played by Osamu Mukai (Nodame Cantabile, BECK, Hanamizuki, Hotaru no Hikari 2). Although an extremely talented actor whose charms always capture my heart, I think he was too weakly casted. I imagined George to be quite handsome – someone who would have a blank expression and still look great (TOP of Big Bang [KPOP] comes to mind) and Osamu Mukai looks really charming only when he smiles (or smirks).

Yukari was played by Keiko Kitagawa. I think out of the whole cast, she was the only one who matched Yukari’s character. Hiroyuki Tokumori was played by Yusuke Yamamoto (Tamaki-sama in Ouran). Didn’t like it. Tokumori was really tall (which Yusuke lacked) and handsome. The biggest failure in casting is probably Miwako. In the manga, she has pink hair and she’s sort of a loli. Aya Omasa (Yamato Nadeshiko SH, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Renai Neet) is really tall and she’s not a cute loli at all. Besides these, I think every other cast was spot on.

THE VERDICT: I liked the movie a lot. I watched it before reading the manga and because the story is really nice, I was convinced to read. I really like the happy ending as well, although as I said earlier, the manga had a more realistic ending. But then, bad casting director.


Download here

Song List

01 Ryusei

02 The Sun

03 Rally

Last on this episode is Kiyoharu. If you guys didn’t know, Kiyoharu is a Jrock singer. I first encountered him in the soundtrack for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime. He had some really nice songs for the anime. My favorite is “Carnation”.

My favorite in the single is Ryusei. The whole single itself (three songs) is really nice and it’s nice to listen to when you want a lighter mood.

THE VERDICT: Kiyoharu-sama is the best! I recommend his songs. If you like J-rock with a bit of a mellow factor, be sure to listen to Kiyoharu-sama!~

That’s it for this episode. Be sure to check out the Otaku page for a full list of episodes. I will be back again soon. I promise.

Andy-chan :3


Asian Watcher: Sophie’s Revenge

Let’s watch!

If you have been following I Eat Spicy Noodles, you would know that for a Featured Asian edition, I featured the charming Zhang Ziyi (read post here). Today in Asian Watcher, I would be featuring one of her movies, Sophie’s Revenge. 

Sophie’s Revenge is a really cool movie. Zhang Ziyi is really cool, composed and serious in her Hollywood movies, so I think Sophie’s Revenge is a movie that shows how versatile of an actress she is.

Image from

Movie Title: Sophie’s Revenge

Language: Mandarin

Actors: Zhang Ziyi (Sophie), So Ji Sub (Jeff), Peter Ho (Gordon), Fan Bing Bing (Anna)

Directed by: Eva Jin 

Year of release: 2009

I just love this movie. I am not fond of romantic Hollywood movies, but when it comes to Asian love stories, I could not help but watch. It might be because I am Asian as well, and I can very much relate to certain cultures in Asia.

Sophie’s Revenge, as the title would suggest, is about Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) wanting to take revenge. Her fiancé Jeff (So Ji Sub) dumped her before their wedding, and had a relationship with the actress Anna (Fan Bingbing). Sophie then tried to get revenge, and wanted to get Jeff back, so she analyzed the situation and came up with various plans to get him back. She ran across Jeff and Anna at a party, where she also met Gordon, who was supposed to have also been dumped by Anna. She persuades him to help her get revenge. In the process, Gordon falls in love with Sophie. 

During the last portions of the movie, it Gordon refuses to help Sophie because he wanted her to notice him instead. Jeff is persuaded and wanted Sophie back, and it makes Sophie confused because she may already have feelings for Gordon too. A shocking revelation happens – Anna is not actually Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, but his sister. Will Sophie have the happy ever after she wants? I suggest you watch.

I did not know that a Youtube member has all the cuts of the movies with English subtitles until today. Because I want to share them with you, I will be posting the links of the videos below. I hope you like them. 

That’s it for this edition of Asian Watchers. If there’s a movie, video or series, you want me to review for Asian Watchers, comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to I Eat Spicy Noodles for more Asian stuff. Please like the official Facebook page, and also follow me on Twitter if you can.

Catch you guys later!

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Asian Watcher: Days With You (Japanese)

I recently saw this commercial at the local Asian channel (Red Channel) about a movie. When I looked closely, I saw Kazuki Katou

If you did not know who Kazuki Katou was, you are just missing one of the most handsome and talented guy in the world! I first encountered him through Dream Live 3. A classmate loves Japanese stuff and when I told her how I loved Prince of Tennis, she gave me Dream Live 3. Dream Live 3 is a live staging of Prince of Tennis. It’s like Prince of Tennis Musical Edition. Now, my favorite character from Prince of Tennis is Atobe, the rich, handsome and full-of-himself Captain of Hyotei Gakuen. It just so happened that Kazuki Katou was playing Atobe!

Although I don’t really like tall, dark and handsome, Kazuki Katou falls under the category. He’s an extremely cool person in real life too. What actually made him really attractive to me is his voice.  

This is my favorite song of him. Anyways, enough with the Kazuki Katou thing. For my first Asian Watcher, I will feature Days With You.

Days With You is a Japanese movie. The main character is Natsuki, played by Toda Erika (same girl who played Amane Misa in Death Note) and Sota, played by Kazuki Kato. 

The movie was directed by Amiy Mori. Although I don’t really know this person well, I think the direction of the movie was good because I liked the shots a lot and the effects were simple and clean. The movie aired in 20009.

There were actually three characters in focus in the movie. Besides Natsuki and Sota, there’s Daiki, Natsuki’s younger brother who suffers from Autism. 

The Plot

The story started with the three of them young inside a planetarium. Daiki has a really vast knowledge of stars and they try to point out stars in the sky. He has no disorder during this time yet (or maybe he has, but it isn’t prominent yet). Sota is leaving for Canada soon and promises Natsuki that when he comes back, he would marry her. He gives her this plastic toy ring and says that it’s their engagement ring. 


After 11 years, Sota returns. Natsuki sort of does not like to talk to him because he stopped sending letters to her a long time. Daiki’s case is severe. Their dad died on Daiki’s birthday, which sort of made him worse. What’s incredible though is his ability to memorize star locations, names and features.

Sota tries to befriend the siblings again, and so he creates a Christmas Party for them. He is now a film major in Tokyo. When things with Natsuki was already going fine, he decides to bring her on a date on her birthday. He does not make it because he is sick with tumor. Natsuki finds out and was devastated.


In the end Sota dies, but Natsuki was able to bring him to a town to watch at the Meteor Shower. He was extremely happy before he died.

The verdict

The movie is the typical sad love story. What made it special was the stars I think. The connection to the celestial entity can be seen a lot in the movie. The opening was in a planetarium. The ending was in a Planetarium. The good scenes were also in the Planetarium, if not it involves the sky. 


It was just a feel good movie. I was a little touched, but I did not cry my eyes out or anything. It was not anything serious that you need to think about it, which I think was good considering that I had to watch it before sleeping. 

The acting was good too. Toda Erika and Kazuki Katou are two of the most exceptional actors in Japan, so I expected them both to do good, and they did. Some reviews thought the music was not that good, but I thought it was. Acclaimed singer Thelma Aoyama contributed to the soundtrack. Of course, Kazuki Katou also sang.

It’s not an exceptional movie, but according to sources, this is the director’s first movie. I think she’s in for a great career if it was. The shots were really professional.

If you guys get you hands on this, don’t let it slip you! It’s a good movie to watch!


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Until next review!

Your Asian Watcher,

Andy :x

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