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Shooting Incident During the Otaku Expo 2013

The Otaku Expo 2013 was set to be a 2-day event at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 from January 26 to January 27, 2013. The said expo commenced as planned during the first day, but organizers have cancelled the second day of the expo due to a shooting incident earlier today. cites that the suspects of the shooting incident were robbers. The robbery took place in a small jewelry counter, and unlike most rumors, the robbers were not found to be in costume for the Otaku Expo. The robbery just happened to coincide with the said event.

The suspects used a hammer purchased from the mall to smash the jewelry counter to take the goods. Afterwards, shots were fired to caused mass panic. The suspects blended in with the crowd and so the security were not able to apprehend them. A lockdown was ordered to catch the robbers. However, authorities were not able to catch them. After an hour, the people were allowed to go free again.

Due to the event, people are wondering what security measures would be put up this time.


Andy’s Personal Note~

I was really fortunate to not have witnessed such an event. I attended the said expo with my family earlier today. We went to the mall as a family for my sister’s dental checkup, and also to canvass for a gadget we’ve been meaning to buy. I took the opportunity to visit the Expo. Although the shooting incident did not happen at the Expo itself, I can imagine how scared the people must have been due to the shooting noise and the lockdown. I hope the management would be able to catch the robbers. I’m really sorry to my fellow anime fans too if you guys are planning to go to the expo tomorrow. Let’s just hope all will be settled soon.

Andy :3

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