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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 10)

I am so freaking busy with school. I have time to finish stuff, but I don’t have time to write about it! Ugh.

1. MANGA: Wanted

2. JDRAMA: Nobuta wo Produce

3. ANIME: Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou

4. SONG/VIDEO: Be As One by w-inds. (Fairy Tail OST)


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I just came across the manga while browsing for good reads. I have basically not into it so much yet because I was very busy the past few weeks. For some reason, work just kept bothering me. With the days of the second semester growing shorter, the work needed to be done increased proportionately.

Anyway, the story centers around a girl named Armelia. When she was little, she sang for the governors and nobles for money. Everybody loved her voice and so they abused it. However, one night one noble stopped her from further singing because he saw that she was tired. This man’s name is Luce. That very same night Luce was kidnapped by pirates. Amelia then swore she would find Luce someday. She then boarded a ship as a guy and found Scar, the Captain. It was then revealed that she was a woman and Scar used to be Luce.

It’s an interesting story. Too bad it only had one volume. If it would have continued, I would have really read it right down to the very last chapter. The manga is written by Hino Matsuri, the same creator for Vampire Knight, which is why Luce looks a lot like Kaname and Armelia looks a lot like Yuuki Cross.

THE VERDICT: Not recommended. Story’s good, but the ending was BLEH.


Snapshot of Yamapi-kun. Gaaaaaah!~

Gyaaa! I love this Jdrama! Nobuta wo Produce is has the best cast in the world! Who would’ve imagined that the Maki+Yamapi+Kazuya+Eri-chan team would be this good? I honestly love it to bits!

I haven’t finished them episodes, but I think I will the next episode. The story is about two guys (played by Kazuya-kun and Yamapi-kun) who tried to “produce” Nobuta. They make plans on how to make her popular.

THE VERDICT: Yes! You are missing out if you do not watch this anime! Nobuta power!


Snapshot of Yuki-onna and Yokai Rikuo. Kawaii~

I finally started Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou. It is the second installment in the Nura Series. The anime is 25 episodes long and I am about halfway through. I love this season because it has more of the yokai Rikuo in it.

The second season settles the score about the death of Rikuo’s dad. The one bad thing about it is that it focuses on one storyline instead of several stories in the entire season.

THE VERDICT: Not done yet, so watch out for it in Episode 11.


This is the 6th ending song of Fairy Tail. I love this song! It’s really, really, really nice. The singing is so smooth, and it deviates from the usual happy ending of Fairy Tail. I think so far this is the only ballad-ish song out of the entire Fairy Tail song collection. Yay!

THE VERDICT: Recommended. I recommend w-inds. as well. They’re a really nice group. And they have a collaboration with G-dragon. How cool is that?

That’s it for this week. I will try my best to write the more recent episodes as quick as I can. HELP ME. :x

Andy-chan :3

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Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 6)

Hi guys. It has been a wonderful week for me. I moderately had anime, manga and Jdrama this week. This means I did not go over the top as much as I did for the past few weeks. Anyways, please check the Otaku page for a complete listing of all the episodes as well as the stuff in them.

1. MANGA: Daa! Daa! Daa!, Shin Daa! Daa! Daa!, Vampire Knights

2. JDRAMA : Kurosagi the Movie

3. ANIME: Nurarihyon no Mago

4. SONG/VIDEO: : Sparky Start – Katate SIZE (Hirano Aya, Horie Yui & Maeda Ai) from Nurarihyon no Mago


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Last week, I also read Daa! Daa! Daa! and I just found out that it had a sequel named Shin Daa! Daa! Daa! I did not like the sequel as much as the first manga. The sequel story features the baby in the first manga, only this time, he’s all grown up. It also feature’s his earth parents’ (Miyu and Kanata) daughter Miu, meaning Miyu and Kanata actually ended up with each other. Via a dimensional hole, Miu got sucked to Planet Otto where Ruu lived and they travel back to bring her home. It features just two volumes, and it was like the characters are mirror characters of original characters from the first manga.

THE VERDICT: Read Daa! Daa! Daa! The second manga I think it’s okay to skip.

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I haven’t finished this manga so I cannot say if this is one thing I would really keep in my files, but judging from the first few chapters I have already read, I think this would actually be more interesting that Twilight. LOL. Just kidding. No really..

THE VERDICT: Recommended. I’ll do a final verdict next week. I am planning on finishing this this week, especially since I have some time on my hands this week. There are two seasons of anime too, so I guess I’ll check that out too.


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You may read last week’s episode for the summary of the series. Anyways, I did not really like the movie that much. An ordinary story of swindling. Very few Maki moments. Plus, the pacing of the story is so slow, I watched it while doing stuff on the internet. I kind of listened to it more than watched it (especially since my Japanese is getting better). It is really quite disappointing because I really liked how smooth the flow of each episodes of the series went.

THE VERDICT: Not really the movie for me. Just watched it for Yamapi-kun.. :3


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Yep, I watched it last week, and I watched it this week. I finished all the 26 episodes of this baby. And the good news is, there’s a second season. I actually started watching Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou last week but did not include it in this week’s list because I cannot really count them as watching. I browsed the videos by skipping from a minute to another.

I must say, I love the Season 1 to bits! I cannot find anything I hate about this anime, except that I think Season 1 ended too soon. Lucky me too! The day I was finishing the downloads for Season 1, the uploaded uploaded a one-episode special featuring chibi versions of the Nura clan.

Here, let me show you a pic. Well, a couple of pics (I have more, but decided to not show them here).

OMG. Kappa (rightest) is so cute. He’s cute even when not in Chibi form

Gyuki’s Team: Zen, Aotabo, Gozumaru, Sasami

Rikuo’s Team: Yuki-Onna, Kurotabo, Tosakamaru, Kabinashi, Kuromaru

Anyways, I am watching Sennen Makyou, which I think is a bit more serious than Season 1. Let you guys know next week.

THE VERDICT: a must-watch! I love, love, love this anime to bits! It’s amazing!


Lyrics here:

Oh well, this song is the bomb. With Horie Yui here, I don’t think there’s any way in the world to hate this song. Plus, the video is totally adorable! I also provided the full version of the song since this is just amazing.

THE VERDICT: Love it! I loved Yura-chan (one on the right) the most. Her droopy eyes are cute.

That’s it for this week! Otaku page will be updated very soon, so visit it if you want the complete list of episodes and stuff in each episode.

Catch you guys later!

Andy-chan :3

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