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Otaku Girl (Episode 13)

Hello again guys! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to write regularly as promised. I was buried with work and school again, and I was looking for a part-time job too. *sigh* Making money is not easy. Anyways, here are my top pick for the week.

Manga: Card Captor Sakura

Drama: Fugoh Keiji Season 1

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke Season 1

Music: Kono Te Nobashite – Hi-fi Camp 


The cover of the first volume of the Cardcapto...
The cover of the first volume of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga released by Kodansha on November 22, 1996 in Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cardcaptor Sakura is a very popular material from CLAMP. CLAMP produced xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles, CLAMP Detective School and a few other materials. I really like the graphics that CLAMP produces. It’s a really nice well-detailed material with loads of the cutesy stuff!

Anyway, the manga is less popular than the anime counterpart (at least where I live) and I can see the reason why. The anime prides itself with ___ number of episodes. Each episode is made alive in full color which makes the manga counterpart really dull. Nonetheless, the 12 volume manga has basically the same great story line.

Personally, I prefer the manga a notch higher than the anime. The anime has been animated really greatly, but it lacks the depth that the manga provided. Also, the manga has less restrictions with emotions, and while the anime has the puppy-love-ish feel , the manga goes into a more serious mode. More details about this below.


If you guys didn’t know the story of CCS. Sakura is a 4th grader who accidentally opened Clow the Magician’s book of cards setting them free. In order for the cards to not cause chaos, Sakura has to catch them. With the help of Keroberos, a magical being/protector of cards, Sakura catches them. Yuwe, the other protector tests her spirits when she has captured her. Passing the test, Yuwe becomes Sakura’s magical being/protector like Keroberos. Yuwe is actually the alter-ego of Yukito, Touya’s (Sakura’s brother) best friend.

So, onto the romantic connection. Sakura like Yukito a lot. He’s a whole lot older than she is which makes him cool in her eyes. Lee Syaoran, a descendant of Clow who came to compete in capturing the cards, likes Yukito at first, but falls in love with Sakura (I’m like WTH here, you guys are in 4th grade!). Tomoyo, Sakura’s best friend likes Sakura the most, while Touya and Yukito pretty much like each other. As said earlier, most of these love connections are not evident in any way in the anime.


THE VERDICT: I liked the manga better than the anime and I like CCS a lot. I watched it like 10x before during my 6th grade (talk about appropriateness of the anime for my age) which was about 10 years ago. I highly recommend the manga. It’s short and there are some parts which were not discussed in the anime like the fact that Eriol and Sakura’s dad are actually reincarnations of Clow.




Because of this drama, I am obsessed with Fukada Kyoko! She’s so cute. The direct translation of the title is Millionaire Police. The drama is so addicting especially if you’re a sucker for crime stories like I am.


The drama pretty much centers around Miwako Kanbe, the newest police officer. Coming from a millionaire family, she tries to solve each case using luxurious ways. She sets up fake companies, schools, imitates world-class people, etc. Her grandfather is revealed to be a con-man in the past and has acquired all the wealth. Turning a new leaf, her grandfather wants to spend all the money until it’s gone for Miwako’s cases.


THE VERDICT: I like this drama, and it wasn’t boring until the end. However, the forming love between Miwako (it was unrequited btw – Miwako’s side) and (insert name here) never really got anywhere, which is kind of disappointing. I wanted Miwako to be happy!



Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kyaaaa!~ Kimi ni Todoke is a enormously awesome anime! Kyaaaaa!~


The story centers around Kuronuma Sawako, often called Sadako for her straight dark hair and gloomy personality. Kazehaya Shota is the only one nice to her, and it’s because he’s been in love with her ever since the first day of class when he met her by the cherry blossom trees. The story revolves around how Sawako makes friends through Kazehaya’s help. In the first season, it ends with Sawako having two best friends and realizing she has feelings for Kazehaya.


THE VERDICT: I really like this anime. I think it’s my favorite shoujo anime so far (I’m betting on liking Paradise Kiss anime too, but I haven’t seen it yet). The graphics are well-made and the story is so interesting. I don’t like the ending because it’s a hanging ending, but there is a second season where Kazehaya and Sawako’s romance progress better (will do a review on it next week). I definitely recommend seeing this anime. Both seasons are done so you can watch all the episodes!



I am back with my Fairy Tail music obsession! I loved this song too much that I actually looked for more Hi-fi Camp music. They’re a really promising group I think.

Ah~ So we are at the end of another episode. Happy Holidays to everyone. I am hoping to bring more content to you next year so please watch out for it!

Andy :3

Otaku Girl: Episode 12

Ohisashiburi desu ne? I realize it’s been months since the last episode. What was originally meant to be 52 episodes has not barely even touched half. Really sorry about this guys. I guess I was too focused on watching and reading that I totally forgot (okay I was lazy) about blogging. I will try to work harder. Anyway, here’s a list of the materials for episode 12.

Manga: Paradise Kiss

Anime: Chihayafuru

Drama: Paradise Kiss the Movie

Music: Kiyoharu’s Ryusei (whole album review)


First up is manga. In today’s manga feature, we have Paradise Kiss. I really enjoyed this manga. I read it in a day. Although I was really busy with work, I still finished ParaKiss. I was initially interested in this because of the movie. The movie featured the actor Osamu Mukai (George) whose acting I really enjoy. This manga is created by Ai Yazawa.



The story centers around Yukari, a high school girl who has followed all of her parent’s wishes to study hard. Whenever she misses a perfect score or a high grade, her mother becomes really disappointed (and that becomes her complex). One day, she was invited by Paradise Kiss, a group of four seniors at the Yaza Arts School to be their model for the senior’s recital. They’re actually student designers!

As Yukari agrees to it, she discovers what she wants in life. The love story centers around Yukari and George Koizumi, the main designer of ParaKiss. Yukari finds George attractive and mysterious and so she develops feelings for him. George finds Yukari troublesome and mysterious as well, and he develops feelings for her.


Although I liked the manga a lot because of its intricate design and superb story line, I was really bummed with the ending. I watched the movie first and was expecting the same story line with the happy ending. The ending is quite sad although I do think that it’s closer to what would’ve happened in real life.

THE VERDICT: I recommend this manga to people who like shoujo mangas. I also recommend it to those who like really well-detailed graphics. I don’t recommend this to innocent people who are unaware of the word SEX in this world. There are many obscene scenes and there’s even a scene of a girl’s first time. (I was quite shocked myself, since I don’t read ecchi).



Next up is Chihayafuru. I really really like this anime! I am quite impatient with on-going anime, but this one had one season done. I’ll do a review on the second season once it airs on January 2013!


The story is about karuta, a Japanese game about one hundred poems. Now, not knowing the Japanese culture is quite disadvantageous for watchers of this anime, but I still liked it nonetheless. The poems are by a hundred poets and they are traditional poems memorized by elementary school children. In karuta, the parts of the poems are written on cards and placed down. The aim is to outrun the opponent in touching the card when the first verse of the poem is read.

The story centers around Chihaya. When she was young, she discovered a classmate, Arata, who had the makings of a karuta master. After playing the game with him, she became passionate about playing karuta as well. Arata moved to Fukui and at the death of his grandfather (a karuta master himself), Arata stopped playing.

Chihaya wanted to convince Arata to play again so she takes childhood friend (and a rival of Arata for Chihaya’s affection)  Taichi to form a karuta club in their school. They go through several competitions with the other members.


The graphics are extremely nice (+ there’s Arata who wear glasses [i’m sort of a megane fangirl]). I really like the cute scenes as well. I was disappointed with the hanging ending, but since there’s a second season, I’ll have to wait for the results. As of press time, the manga version is on-going.

THE VERDICT: I highly recommend this manga if you want to learn more about traditional games in Japan. It’s not boring and the romantic element to the story is sorta exciting. I don’t normally like sports-related anime, but Chihayafuru is so addicting, I finished the 25 episodes in 2 (working) days.


Up next is Paradise Kiss the Movie. I discussed the manga, so might as well discuss where my ParaKiss addiction began.

The movie is totally different from the manga. It has the same basic story line of Yukari being obsessed with studies and being recruited by ParaKiss to model for the senior recital. There were many parts however that were changed.

 Primarily, this movie could’ve been viewed by any teenager or even a kid, while the manga has an R-18 restriction due to the sensitive scenes. The movie, however, had very little of this.

I don’t think they made an absolutely bad choice for casting. However, there were several actors in the movie I didn’t like.

George was played by Osamu Mukai (Nodame Cantabile, BECK, Hanamizuki, Hotaru no Hikari 2). Although an extremely talented actor whose charms always capture my heart, I think he was too weakly casted. I imagined George to be quite handsome – someone who would have a blank expression and still look great (TOP of Big Bang [KPOP] comes to mind) and Osamu Mukai looks really charming only when he smiles (or smirks).

Yukari was played by Keiko Kitagawa. I think out of the whole cast, she was the only one who matched Yukari’s character. Hiroyuki Tokumori was played by Yusuke Yamamoto (Tamaki-sama in Ouran). Didn’t like it. Tokumori was really tall (which Yusuke lacked) and handsome. The biggest failure in casting is probably Miwako. In the manga, she has pink hair and she’s sort of a loli. Aya Omasa (Yamato Nadeshiko SH, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Renai Neet) is really tall and she’s not a cute loli at all. Besides these, I think every other cast was spot on.

THE VERDICT: I liked the movie a lot. I watched it before reading the manga and because the story is really nice, I was convinced to read. I really like the happy ending as well, although as I said earlier, the manga had a more realistic ending. But then, bad casting director.


Download here

Song List

01 Ryusei

02 The Sun

03 Rally

Last on this episode is Kiyoharu. If you guys didn’t know, Kiyoharu is a Jrock singer. I first encountered him in the soundtrack for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime. He had some really nice songs for the anime. My favorite is “Carnation”.

My favorite in the single is Ryusei. The whole single itself (three songs) is really nice and it’s nice to listen to when you want a lighter mood.

THE VERDICT: Kiyoharu-sama is the best! I recommend his songs. If you like J-rock with a bit of a mellow factor, be sure to listen to Kiyoharu-sama!~

That’s it for this episode. Be sure to check out the Otaku page for a full list of episodes. I will be back again soon. I promise.

Andy-chan :3


Anime Magazine Hoarding

Although back issues are not the latest in the anime world (obviously), I still like buying or reading them. I do like old anime and this is evident in the stuff that I review for Otaku Girl (see Otaku page for complete list).

Anyway, today is a really wonderful day for me. I chanced upon a good deal for several issues of Otaku zine and Anime Asia (available here in the Philippines). I was extremely thrilled to finally lay my hands on something I would enjoy reading.

I have been reading school books non-stop and it’s making my head ache. I think I deserve this break.

Will be reading this tomorrow at school. I’m sure it will take the stress away.

What’s your favorite reading material?

Andy :3

Project 52: Otaku Girl (Episode 1)

If you did not know the rules of this project, you may refer to this post here.

For Episode 1, here are the things I got:

1. Alice 19th (Manga)

2. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Live Action (JDrama)

3. Beelzebub (Anime)

4. Easy Go – Kazuki Kato (anime song from Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Shall we start?



Image from

The manga has a total of seven volumes, and I finished reading all of it in a span of four to five hours (That’s how persistent I am, lol). I loved the story of the manga. It’s not a really big manga, and it is very shoujo (anything appealing to or leaning towards girls), but the simplicity of the story as well as the drawing was fantastic! Hooray for the manga this episode!

The story is about Alice Seno, who saved a magical rabbit. She was given a bracelet and was told that she is a Lotis master-to-be. Lotis is a powerful magical art where the words you say have a very deep magic. There are 24 words in all, and even if you know them, you cannot just use them. You have to master how to use them along with your emotions as well.

Alice has a sister, Mayura, and they both fell in love with Kyou Wakamiya. Mayura however, confessed to Kyou ahead of Alice. As Mayura realized Alice feelings for Kyou, she tried confronting Alice, and when she does, Alice wished that her sister would disappear. Her sister was swallowed by the Mara (opposite of Lotis). She must now journey to the inner heart to save her sister, as well as people around her who are affected by the Mara. She is helped by the Lotis guardian Furei who is from Norway and Christopher William Roland who is from Great Britain. In the process, Kyou also becomes a Lotis master.

Mayura is possessed by Daruba, and only the secret words can save her. No one in the Lotis group know the secret words, but Alice, through her love for her sister and her courage, find out what they are. In the end, it’s all bright and happy.

The manga is average, but the story is quite good, and it has that mythological feel in it, which I absolutely love, as I am a fan of mythologies. As I was reading, I was reminded of Rick Riordan and his works, especially the Kane Chronicles.

Some of the graphics were quite confusing, and even the story became confusing at some point for me, but I think that’s because of the words I did not really understand, and the fact that I rushed into the entire volume in one go.

THE VERDICT: Recommended


Image from

I loved the anime version, so I knew I would absolutely love the live action! Plus, it has Kamenashi Kazuya, one of the best actors in Japan, so I knew it would be great. Not disappointed at all, though I had to spend long nights in watching the video, and I was so sleepy the next few days.

If you guys did not know, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is a story of four handsome boys living in a mansion. They are actually renting the place. The owner of the mansion gave them a task of transforming her niece, Sunako Nakahara into a lady, and in return, they would get free rent. The transformation seemed impossible, because Sunako is drawn to dark things like skulls, dead creatures and blood. She is just creepy. In the process of transforming her into a lady, one of the guys fall in love with her. Guess who played that guy? Yup Kazuya-kun!

I love the live action, and this in fact, inspired me to do this project. I watch a lot of Korean dramas, but I love the more exaggerated features of a Japanese drama, and because I found my spark again, I probably would put off the list of Korean dramas I would be watching.



Image from

OMG, this is my top anime favorite for 2011. The episodes ended on Animax last Wednesday, but the anime is not yet done, so I wanted to know what would happen next, but I might wait for Animax to air Season 2, but I am not really counting on it since Animax also stopped airing Fairy Tail, which has about 100+ episode now, and they stopped around the 50th ep.

I found a site where I can download all the anime I want though, and I am going to download the coming episodes of Beelzebub and of Fairy Tail as well.

This is a comedy anime. What attracted me most was the baby, Berubo, who is just so cute, and the story is so interesting. I am currently hunting down a manga version of the anime (if there ever is one). I will let you guys know if I get to read anything like that.



Image from

I love, love, love Kazuki Kato, and it is impossible to hate any song of his especially with the voice he has.

The song Easy Go is the third [?] sixth[?] not really sure opening song of the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Here’s the official music video

And here’s the Katekyo Hitman Reborn version

I have never seen the original MV until now, but Kato looks hot as expected so it’s not really surprising to me. I have been following this artist for more than two years now, and I first encountered him in the Prince of Tennis Live Action Concert a.k.a. Dream Live 3. I am a huge fan of his character Atobe, and his portrayal was so close, I fell in love with his talent!

Anyhoo, I have been listening to him and girl band Scandal mostly these days. I will do a full feature in Featured Asian when I have the time soon.

THE VERDICT: RECOMMENDED. I actually recommend his other songs more. I love his ballads, as it exposes his full talent more. He is one of the top singers in Japan, and his songs rank high in the Oricon charts so def check him out!

That’s it for this ep! I am so excited for ep 2, and I am now scouting for what I would feature next week!  I think I might finish another manga, but I don’t think I would finish any anime or Jdrama soon. Yay! Yay! Yay!

Catch you guys later!

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Project 52: Otaku Girl

Hey guys. I am so sorry I have been MIA lately. School just got back and I was not prepared for it. I had to rush all the lessons that I needed to teach.

Anyways, another reason for me not really posting lately is that I have been searching for something worthwhile doing this year. So, I decided to unleash the inner otaku in me. I was looking for something that I could do every week so that in one year, I can look back and say I accomplished so much in this part of my life. It’s nothing serious. I just want more chapters in my kind of boring life.

Finally, I found what I want to do for 52 weeks. I wanted to be an Anime fan! These are the rules for Project 52: Otaku Girl:

1. Read a minimum of six volumes of manga per week.

2. Blog about the read manga volumes. 

3. Watch 2 episodes of Anime per week.

4. Blog about the watched Anime when it is done.

5. Watch two episodes of a live action drama or Jdrama per week. 

6. Blog about the live action drama or Jdrama when the entire series is done.

7. Look for one anime-related or J-drama video or song.

8. Blog about the video or song.

9. Blog posts would be every Sunday or Monday.

So those are the rules. They sound like they are a lot of work, but considering the amount of time I spend on the internet, I do not think this is impossible. In fact, this week alone, I finished a 7-volume manga, ten 1-hour episodes of a drama, watched anime all day (Saturday), and listened to so many Anime songs that I lost count. And I did all this even with the busy schedule at school. 

I hope you guys can share with me what you are planning to do this year. I am planning on branching out to other countries in Asia in my following posts, so don’t think that I will be focusing on my Anime fantasies. Watch out for an Indian recipe this week and an edition of Project 52: Otaku Girl tomorrow. Hope you guys are doing well. 

Love lots,

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