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Officially Re-Opened

I Eat Spicy Noodles is officially re-opened! Please visit the About IESN page for details of what’s going to happen to this blog. I am so excited! Please watch out for more and continue to support this blog site.

Andy :x

Announcement: Re-firing

Hey guys. I know it’s been such a long time since this blog ever had anything, but I am planning to re-fire this blog! It would be different from what it used to be. You can’t really find out what it used to be unless you are an old subscriber, but it used to be a diary of things that I love. This time around, I am creating a new concept for the blog.

Basically, my plan is to make this blog targeted at discussing about Asians. Being an Asian myself and loving Asian people and culture, the blog would discuss anything Asian-related. It would also be a learning blog. Right now, I know loads about the culture of Philippines, Japan and Korea, but there are around 40+ countries in Asia and I want to discover what these countries are, what culture they have, what particular practice they have that is interesting, and stuff like that.

Please watch out for this blog! It’s going to open real soon.

Hugs tighter than Noodles,

Andy :x

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