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Sound Trip: Perfect (Angela Zhang & Harlem Yu)

Hello sountripers!

What’s up guys? Have you read my posts lately. This week, I seem to be loving the lovely Zhang Ziyi that I featured her twice in I Eat Spicy Noodles – one as the Featured Asian (read here) and another in an Asian Watcher post of Sophie’s Revenge (read here). Today is another Zhang Ziyi special. Although she is not the singer of the song, this song is used in Sophie’s Revenge. Anyway, here’s an audio (it’s actually a Youtube video).

I always like Angela Zhang and Harlem Yu. Harlem Yu sang for Meteor Garden (Taiwanese drama), and his song for Meteor Garden is one of my most favorite. Angela Zhang is one of the most celebrated singers in Taiwan. She’s not only a great singer, she’s an awesome actress as well. I will feature them in a Featured Asian edition sometime next month perhaps.

I love this song because it’s just a really sweet song. As you guessed, I did not understand any word of it, but it was absolutely amazing, I did not even care. Have you ever had one of those songs? Even something which language you can perfectly understand, but you do not get at all? It’s like this song. I cannot understand it, but it kind of speaks to the heart.

Song melody: GOOD

I probably will listen to this song over and over again.

Until next song,

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