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Movie Review: Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru

Last week, I blogged about how I am loving Ai Otsuka’s song here. The source of this love is because I watched the movie Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. 


Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (Just loving You/Heavenly Forest) is a 2006 movie. Originally it was a manga (very short; highly recommend it!), but it was turned into a movie. 

I love the casting of this movie. Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile) played Makoto, an introvert. Shiruzu was played by Miyazaki Aoi (Nana). They played the parts so well, especially Aoi-chan!

The movie tells the story of how Makoto and Shizuru became friends. Shizuru was extremely childish but interesting. She was short and only ate doughnut biscuits. She’s like an elementary school kid. She kind of forced Makoto to become her friend. They discover a beautiful forest. Makoto, who loved photography, decided to practice taking pictures. Shizuru becomes interested in photography too and asks Makoto to teach her.


Makoto realizes he likes Miyuki (Kuroki Meisa). Realizing this, Shizuru helps Makoto get closer to her, even though she loves Makoto too. One day, Shizuru decides to enter a photography contest and asks for Makoto’s help. The shot she wanted to create was a kiss in the Heavenly Forest. Makoto agrees to do it. After they got the shot, Shizuru disappears.


After two years, Makoto was contacted by Shizuru who was now working as a photographer in New York City. Makoto comes, but finds out that Shizuru has already died. She died of a genetic disease that develops as her body matures. Shizuru, wanting to be a lady Makoto acknowledges, did her best to be a beautiful lady. The scene ended with Makoto witnessing Shizuru’s exhibition, where he finds a lot of his stolen photos, the kissing scene photo and a big picture of Shizuru all grown-up and beautiful. 



WARNING: This story is a tear-jerker!

I love the actor’s acting, especially since I have seen both actors in movie roles completely different from this one. Tamaki-kun was so cute as a clueless guy here and Aoi-san is just so cute, I want to bring her home and pet her!

The movie pretty much adhered to the manga, with a few added scenes. It’s pretty much the kind of romantic movie the Japanese creates – emotional and powerful.

Have you guys seen this movie? You are seriously missing out if you haven’t! 

Currently Listening: Ai Otsuka’s Renai Shashin

So, this is a really, really, really old song, like 2005 old.

This is a live version because I cannot find a PV for this (or I’m just too lazy), but this version is better than the song itself. Ai Otsuka really is a great singer! She is one of my favorite JPOP singers. My favorite song of Ai is Sakuranbo and Planetarium (Hana Yori Dango OST).



aoao to shita yozora no shita de
anata ga miteta ushiro koi sugata

tokiori miseru mujaki na negao
atashi ga miteta koishii sugata

donna hitotoki mo subete
wasurenai you ni
muchuu de shattaa kiru atashi no kokoro wa
setsunai shiawase datta

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada sore dake de yokatta noni

ame furu toki no kawashi ta kisu wa
tsunagarete yuku futari no sugata

isshou ni mou nai kono kimochi
umaku ienai kedo
anata ni deatte atashi no mainichi wa
kirakira to kagayaita yo

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
anata ga kureta shiawase yo

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada sore dake de yokatta no ni

chiisana heya ni kazararete iru
futari no egao renai shashin


I knew the song way back in 2008, but I did not know she sang this for the movie Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. I recently watched the movie (review coming up), and I was bawling at the end. Real tear-jerker, man.

Going back to work! Shigoto! ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

Andy :3

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