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Nearly Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again. Honestly, I’m not sure whether I still like Christmas or not. I guess as you grow older, you come to like it less and less. Anyone here feeling this weird as I am? ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Christmas used to be a really nice holiday. I really liked that for at least three months or so a year, the weather is nicely cold and I can bundle up (I like winter clothing) a bit even in a tropical country like the Philippines. However, it hasn’t been that way lately. It feels as if it’s summer and I cannot even wear a blazer to class since the airconditioning cannot make up for the heat.

I never really had a lot of gifts so I guess I’m not expecting any this year either. It’s always better to not expect. (; ̄д ̄)Still, I do have a wishlist. Since I cannot count on anyone to give me these gifts (of course! you guys are not responsible for me!), I will count on the Lord to miraculously shower them upon me (or I could just save up and buy them myself).

Andy’s Wishlist 

1. World peace (I’m not being a philanthropist here or anything, i just think a little peace and quiet never did anyone bad)

2. More books at our library. our university library is amazing. It holds so many new books and many that are targeted at my course. However, I wish to have more fiction books. I borrowed a lot for this long weekend and I think if I continue borrowing five a week, I will finish the entire literature section before the end of the year. Please make my library more amazing!

A little note on this: I don’t want to buy books because I have no space in the house. My mom will toss them away! >___<

3. Anime Merch. I seriously need to show my anime love more. I need kawaii stuff so I am gonna hoard at the next anime convention if my money allows me to. I am looking to stock up some plushies. Even though there is a lack of space for books in the house, plushies can live. More Miffies!

4. An external drive. I recently bought (well, my dad paid about 75% of it) a 1TB external drive. With the rate of anime download (plus dramas, pictures, written work), I think I might fill the space up real quick. That’s why I never download a really high-res anime, since my small laptop cannot handle them anyway!

5. Laptop. Speaking of laptop, I have one I have been eyeing for months. May the heaven rain upon me a sponsor so I could finally get that scholarship and I would probably have the money to buy the freaking rust-colored, thin and highly-functional (with 750GB space) laptop!

6. A car. Specifically, a Ford Focus. Someone tagged me a photo of this car for sale on Facebook and I wanna stab the person with my cute bunny pen. Will you not rub salt on a very deep wound please?

7. A cat. Yeah… I probably will be allowed to have a cat when I move out of this house. My mom doesn’t like animals. Too bad, right?

8. Post-its. I have a big collection. Like really big. I’m looking to expand 3x this year.

At the moment, these are the only things that come to mind. But knowing me, I probably will be able to add something to the wishlist by just going to the mall. My ultimate wish is to be blessed with great health and a good sense of time management. I need to finish them blog posts! How about you guys? What sort of wishlist are you scheming? ψ(`∇´)ψ

Andy :3

P.S. I guess I still have the Christmas spirit since I did after all eat Bibingka and Kastañas already. They’re popular treats during the Christmas season in the Philippines.

Bibingka! It’s like pancakes.. only yummier! It has my favorite salted egg on top! :3

Kastañas. I just found out they’re actually called chesnuts in English. We have them roasted during the Christmas season.


*sigh* I wanna eat them now. Gotta bribe the parents to get them for me~

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